AAPIP-New York presents "Meet the Funders"

Fri, June 01, 2018 - 9:45am
New York

AAPIP-New York presents "Meet the Funders"

Does your organization need help figuring out whether or not to apply for a specific funding opportunity?

Do you need more information to create a successful grant proposal?

Join our panelists as they present on their foundations’ funding areas, grant process, and timeframes. Learn what funders look for, what makes a proposal more fundable than another, the best way to build relationships with funders, and what NOT to do.


Marissa Tirona (Moderator), Program Officer, BUILD at Ford Foundation

Alexa Avilés, Program Director, The Scherman Foundation

Sadie Casamenti, Program Officer, New York Women's Foundation

Catherine Eusebio, Program Officer, North Star Fund

We are also providing a unique 15-minute individual session with one of our three panelists to discuss issues specific to your organization. This session is an opportunity to receive specific advice about your organization's approach to grant proposals. To preserve the capacity for open discussion, all attendees must refrain from fundraising or solicitation.

Before you register, to ensure a meaningful exchange, please review information on the panelists and their respective foundations HERE.

After reviewing the information on panelists and their foundations, register here.