Teleconference: Coming Full Circle - Can Giving Circles Yield Bigger & Better Giving?

Thu, August 15, 2013 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm

Bolder Giving, in partnership with AAPIP & Community Investment Network invite you to a Bold Conversation "Coming Full Circle: Can Giving Circles Yield Bigger & Better Giving?"  A conversation with Bold Giver Wendy Chang &  AAPIP’s Noelle Ito.

Giving circles are one of the most popular giving vehicles in philanthropy today. Thousands of donors across the country have joined hundreds of circles, calling attention to overlooked needs and bringing support to under-resourced areas. Giving circles are credited with introducing philanthropy to a wide range of new donors and helping those philanthropists find community. But do they lead to bigger and better giving? How does the experience of giving through a circle impact someone’s lifetime philanthropic journey?

Join Bolder Giving as we explore these questions with Bold Giver Wendy Chang and AAPIP’s Noelle Ito. Wendy is a founding member and passionate supporter of several giving circles in the Los Angeles. She has been a social justice activist from an early age and currently serves as Director of the Dwight Stuart Youth Fund. Noelle is Senior Director of Community Philanthropy at AAPIP – Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy. She leads their national giving circle campaign to develop 50 giving circles to increase investments in the AAPI community.

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