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Leadership for Racial Justice Program

“We are in a revolution of consciousness…what we’re looking for is the truth”

~ George Helm* (March 23, 1950 – March 7, 1977)

Each of us may have our own paths and contributions to make, yet none of us arrive alone. Whether it be family, colleagues, mentors, or those who came before us, our leadership journey is shaped by those around us and others whom we actively seek out. Our truth is shaped by our shared worldviews, beliefs, and collective reflection and action.

Racial justice philanthropy is shaped by history, communities, and each of us now. Join us in supporting each other on our leadership journeys for racial justice philanthropy through the development of AAPIP’s Leadership for Racial Justice Philanthropy program.

Help us build upon the essentials of member orientation, training and support for members to lead change, leadership engagement activities supporting cross-racial solidarity, and peer support that can adapt with the changing needs of members.

The Leadership for Racial Justice program is intended to be an enduring and evolving part of AAPIP’s work with its members. You are invited to help shape the core concepts, critical connections, and understanding of history and current issues to promote the individual and collective action we need to take in philanthropy.

* Influential storyteller through song and visionary of Hawaiian culture. Founder of the Protect Kahoolawe Organization that fought for the protection of land and native rights.

Sharing stories


…remind us of who we are and who we are becoming

…help us make sense of the past, present and future

…influence, teach and inspire

…change the narrative

…preserve and shape culture

…are an antidote to invisibility

…are a legacy for future generations

…are how we learn, connect and create communities

…are how our brains work

…help us navigate complexity

…help us find and use our voice

…help us connect across difference

…help us understand others and ourselves


We must author our own stories.

Your story is important.

Share your story with us.

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