New Generation Nikkei Fund (NGNF), CA


Envisioned by the next generation of stakeholders of the Japanese American community, the New Generation Nikkei Fund (NGNF) strives to:

  • Foster a culture of giving and volunteerism amongst Japanese American and Asian American young professionals
  • Enhance collaboration and communication amongst Japantowns and existing Nikkei communities at large
  • Support Japantown or Nikkei community based organizations with a grant(s) and a new generation of donors

NGNF will seek out Japantown-based organizations that engage in projects that are innovative and/or non-traditional. The scope of “Japantown-based organizations” comports with landmarked, historically preserved areas. There are currently three Japantowns in California, in San Francisco, San Jose, and in Los Angeles.

50% of NGNF funds to be decided by Donor votes, Remaining 50% to Members’ Decision-Making. Donors who give a minimum of $25 or more qualify for one vote at one time for the funding cycle. Donors can vote on one project from the Shortlist of applications submitted by qualifying organizations. Other than meeting the $25 minimum, the right to vote is not tied to donation amount; all donors are allowed one vote each. Donors will be contacted for voting in December.  To support NGNF, click here

2014-2015 NGNF Members:
Los Angeles – Kim Kawasaki, Sean Miura, Stacy Toyota
San Jose – Ellen Kamei, Matt Ogawa, Tamiko Rast
San Francisco – Aya Ino, Haruka Roudebush, Kiyomi Tanaka