Red Envelope Giving Circle, CA


Red Envelope Giving Circle, a Horizons Foundation fund, is committed to creating positive social change in the Greater San Francisco Bay area through philanthropic support to Asian and Pacific Islander LGBTQ-led projects to improve the lives of API LGBTQ people and communities.

In 2016-2017, Red Envelope Giving Circle supported the following community organizations:

  • Trans Justice Initiative – aims to build understanding and combat transphobia within the API communities through outreach and education
  • QACON – a Queer and Asian Youth Conference 
  • A Queer Muslim Women’s Retreat – a 3.5 day retreat for queer / trans muslim women in North America hosted in the Bay Area
  • A Book tour sharing a historical study of the American “Oriental”, a sexualized racial stereotype
  • Building solidarity between Black and API Trans Women and Femmes – who have shared experiences in the California Prison Industrial Complex
  • Breaking the Silence: Queer and Trans Koreans Surviving Violence – A national research project
  • Awakening the Inner Beloved – bringing queer and trans APIs together for workshops featuring spiritual practice, deep nature connection and energy healing
  • Xanh, the Movie – a short film that explores clothing as a form of liberation
  • The Living Bridges Project – a national story collecting project documenting collective responses to child sexual abuse
  • ASPIRE Summer Leadership Academy – An intensive 6-week internship program cultivating leadership development of undocumented APIs
  • People of Color Inner Peace, Outer Peace Program – supports a six-week meditation retreat scholarship
  • ISA’s Lunch: Butch Bentos for Sale – a short experimental film inspired by Isa Shimoda, a gender nonconforming Japanese American immigrant who was held at Poston concentration camp in WWII.