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Director of Strategic Communications and Public Engagement

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Raikes Executive Office, North Forty Group

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Seattle, WA

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The Raikes enterprise consists of a range of organizations advancing the Raikes’ social impact vision and personal interests, including their executive office North Forty Group (North Forty), the Raikes Foundation (Foundation), and several other affiliates. The Raikes view the leaders and teams of these organizations as core partners working in alignment under their co-leadership of the Raikes enterprise. Housed within the Raikes Executive Office, North Forty, the Director will advise Jeff and Tricia Raikes and be responsible for developing communications and engagement strategies and infrastructure that amplify the co-chairs’ individual and collective impact goals. The Director will execute activities and tactics in collaboration with leaders across the Raikes enterprise.

Job Description

Housed within the Executive Office, North Forty, the new Director will be charged with developing infrastructure and refining a communications strategy for Tricia and Jeff separately, as well as the Raikes together. S/he/they will successfully deploy the internal and external resources necessary to advance the Raikes’ social impact vision and strengthen the Raikes’ enterprise identity and brand. S/he/they will both personally develop content and manage tactical execution of the strategy, as well as collaborate with other partners across the Raikes enterprise to support alignment with priorities of the Foundation, North Forty, and their partners in community, government, philanthropy, and the private sector.

The core responsibilities of the Director are as follows:

Develop and operationalize a comprehensive, values-based communications infrastructure and strategy that optimally leverage the Raikes’ individual and collective strengths and interests.
The Director will first and foremost be a trusted, values-aligned thought partner to Tricia, Jeff, the Executive Office team, and senior enterprise leaders. The Director will engage with both Tricia and Jeff Raikes and will refine a platform strategy consistent with each of their individual interests, passions, and talents. The Director will have a deep commitment to race equity work and will explore together with the Raikes and senior enterprise leadership how the Raikes’ voices as white leaders can advance work toward repair, redress, and a more just and equitable society.

S/he/they will work in collaboration with North Forty leadership to build the infrastructure to operationalize and implement the foregoing platform strategy. In collaboration with North Forty and Foundation leadership, as well as outside consulting partners, the Director will execute on this strategy. This will include the development of copy, drafting of an editorial calendar, channel selection, and other activities in support of the Raikes’ voices and overall enterprise brand identity. The Director will also be responsible for developing budgets to resource the Raikes’ platform strategies.

Drive increased impact through the Raikes’ individual and collective voice.
The Director is primarily responsible for helping drive meaningful impact at increased scale through Tricia and Jeff’s voice. S/he/they will not only need to develop the strategy and bring along a multidisciplinary team, inclusive of Tricia and Jeff, through that process, but be capable of executing large pieces of that plan themselves and in concert with others.

Support advancement of key communications work underway.
The Director will have an immediate opportunity to advance important strategic communications work already underway. These include the development of an updated brand for the Raikes enterprise capturing the full spectrum of the Raikes social impact grantmaking and engagement, to include the Foundation’s work. In addition, the Raikes are currently engaging with external consulting partners to develop the core pillars of their communications platform, including audience and voice strategies. The Director will be expected to get up to speed on these two bodies of work, refine strategies where appropriate, and begin executing.

Job Qualifications

The ideal candidate for this role will be in a sitting Director of Marketing, Director of Communications and/or equivalent role, with a minimum of 7-10 years of hands-on experience and progressive leadership in creating communications and marketing campaigns, including developing and managing budgets. The Director will ideally be a thoughtful storyteller, who is action oriented and can adapt to changing priorities. The right candidate is a leader with impeccable judgment and listening skills, an effective collaborator throughout the organization regardless of perceived seniority, and someone who excels in inspiring and enabling others to do their very best work. While no one candidate will embody all the qualifications enumerated below, the ideal candidate will possess many of the following professional and personal abilities, attributes, and experiences:
•Experience managing work across teams with a high degree of emotional intelligence; a leadership style that is driven by active inquiry and learning; an ability to creatively synthesize ideas and input from multiple sources; and a commitment to excellence.
•Ability to establish trust, understanding, and strong thought partnership in the development of the Raikes’ vision for their social impact combined with the adeptness to translate that vision into communications priorities and goals and align relevant resources effectively.
•Experience in the design and execution of effective communication strategies that utilize a wide range of media platforms, advocacy tools, and strategic partnerships at the regional and national level.
•Experience working with top caliber third-party strategists, creators, and analysts. Proven ability at effective team building among in-house and external partners.
•Exceptional interpersonal and writing skills, including a personal presence that is effective and inspirational across a variety of settings and stakeholders.
•Vision, expertise, and leadership advancing a multi-faceted social enterprise particularly in the development and implementation of strategic communication practices and tools that hold equity at the center.
•Experience and fluency in measurement, learning, and evaluation of their strategies and plans in motion. Practices data-led decision making when possible, and data-informed judgment at all times. Able to use data to focus discussions and align multi-disciplinary teams across organizations.
•A deep personal and professional commitment to social justice, equity and inclusion, and a sophisticated understanding of the systemic, structural, and historical challenges that impact marginalized communities.
•Proven ability to lead thoughtfully and intentionally, gathering input, acting on feedback, making appropriate yet at times difficult decisions, and demonstrating sound professional judgment, maturity, and self-awareness to know when to step into the spotlight and the humility and team orientation to know when to let others take the lead.
•Fluency in writing a variety of communications content including essays, speeches, message guidance, and briefing memos.

How to Apply

This search is being supported by Katherine Jacobs and Britni Russell Bianchi of NPAG. Due to the pace of this search, candidates are strongly encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Candidates may submit their cover letter, outlining their interest and qualifications, along with their resume via NPAG’s website (

The Raikes Executive Office’s ability to achieve its mission is enhanced by a diverse team, an inclusive culture and programmatic strategies that apply an equity lens. We seek candidates who possess the knowledge, skills, and lived experience that contribute to the diversity of our team and share a commitment to equity.

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