Foundation Director and Head of Philanthropy

Date Posted: 
Fri, August 21, 2020
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Greater Los Angeles Area
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Ares Charitable Foundation
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The Aspen Leadership Group is proud to partner with Ares Management and the Ares Charitable Foundation (the “Foundation”) in the search for a Foundation Director and Head of Philanthropy to serve as the first and founding Director of the Foundation. The Foundation Director will report to the Global Head of Human Resources, and will work closely with the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Ares Charitable Foundation seeks a Foundation Director and Head of Philanthropy to join its team to lead the development and ongoing operations of the Ares Charitable Foundation, leading Ares into the next phase of its philanthropic journey. In addition to the Foundation, the Director will oversee all aspects of Ares’ philanthropic efforts including Ares volunteerism, corporate matching, and corporate sponsorship programs. Ares prides itself on its collaborative, entrepreneurial, and inclusive culture, and it believes the Foundation will be a beacon of these values. The Director will interact with an engaged group of Ares employees from around the world from the initial launch of the Foundation through grant-making, providing an opportunity to build something from the ground up and leave a legacy that will extend beyond the time dedicated to the position. The Director will serve as a leader and coach to Ares employees with limited philanthropic experience, thereby helping others to cultivate and develop key philanthropic skillsets around sourcing and vetting grantees as well as measuring impact.

Ares Management Corporation recently established the Ares Charitable Foundation, an independent 501(c)(3) public charitable organization, in order to align its investment activities with its philanthropic initiatives and provide a more coordinated and impactful giving structure. The Foundation is committed to supporting current and future generations by dedicating financial and human capital principally towards the promotion of education, including financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and job training programs. The Foundation believes that by partnering with other qualifying nonprofit organizations that support these initiatives it will have the ability to enhance the educational opportunities for the underserved, inspire and support entrepreneurs, and promote non-traditional job training opportunities. In addition to generating job growth, these initiatives will benefit communities worldwide.

The Foundation will also serve as a vehicle to enable select giving opportunities in connection with significant local and global crises (e.g., public health crises, natural disasters, etc.) as such events arise and are approved by the Grant Approval Committee.

Ares Charitable Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors, a Grant Approval Committee (“GAC”), and a Grant Review and Diligence Committee (“GRDC”). The GRDC consists of four sub-committees reflecting the global geography and principal offices of Ares Management Corporation. Each sub-committee will be comprised of teams reflecting the diversity of the company. The Foundation will operate on an “endowment” basis such that a portion of the Foundation’s funds will be donated to programs each year with the balance held for growth and, as needed, for interim grants.

Ares Charitable Foundation seeks a Foundation Director with a proven track record in building effective programs, and experience in the world of philanthropy, as a fundraiser, a grant maker, and a volunteer. All applications must be accompanied by a cover letter and résumé. Cover letters should be responsive to the mission of the Ares Charitable Foundation.

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Culver City