Microgrants Volunteer Coordinator

Date Posted: 
Mon, August 05, 2019
Job Type: 
Job Category: 
Remote (anywhere in USA)
Company Name: 
Trans Lifeline
Company Information: 

Trans Lifeline connects trans people to the community, resources, and support they need to survive and thrive--building a resilient trans community through trans-led direct services. Trans Lifeline’s Hotline cares for trans people through moments of crisis and suicidality. Our Microgrants program provides low-barrier grants to trans people in need of legal name changes and updated government IDs--as well as specialized support for trans people who are incarcerated or undocumented. By providing care, Trans Lifeline identifies the trans community’s most pressing needs and brings that expertise to the broad movement for LGBT equality.

Job Description: 

Do you love working with people and have great organizational skills? Are you passionate about transgender justice and want to join us in the fight for trans lives? Trans Lifeline Microgrants is hiring a Volunteer Coordinator!

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
Facilitates leadership development experience for Microgrants interns, through weekly trainings and workshops.
Recruits, screens, and onboards volunteers and interns.
Leads remote meetings using Google Hangouts and conducts one-on-one meetings with volunteers and interns.
Develops the internship program curriculum.
Helps coordinate the grants program through the role of facilitating volunteers.
Facilitates & supports team lead program.
Oversees volunteer program as a whole.
Trains volunteers alongside Team Leads.
Coordinates with colleges and/or parole officers to fulfill internship needs for interns.
Networks with other LGBT organizations to help find jobs for interns after graduation.


Position Requirements
Fluency in English and Spanish.
Fluency in issues of racialized and gendered oppressions.
2+ years experience with volunteer/intern management, community organizing, or similar fields.
Ability and self-motivation to work under limited supervision.
Strong communication and organizational skills.
Access to a reliable phone and internet connection. A work computer will be provided.
Basic computer literacy including: typing skills, basic file management, using G Suite programs such as Google Docs and Google Forms, knowledge of browsing the internet, experience with email and experience using word processors and spreadsheets.

Additional Preferred Skills
Experience working remotely and/or with a distributed team.
Community organizing experience.
Experience in the non-profit sector.
Fluency in legal code and navigating bureaucracy.

How to apply: 

Trans Lifeline is an equal opportunity employer. Transgender, gender non-conforming and intersex people and people of color, people with disabilities, and formerly incarcerated people are strongly encouraged to apply.

Please apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/translifeline/31066738-bf19-45d8-8c14-814e2cb03da2