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Philanthropy, Is This Us?

Tue, 2021-01-12

Watching a nationally coordinated mob of white supremacists violently storm the Capitol just days into 2021 hardly warrants a cheery “Happy New Year!”. This event shocked but did not surprise us due to the growing agitation stirred by a would-be-dictator but soon-to-be-ex-president.

Welcoming Maya Iwata - VP of Partnerships!

Fri, 2021-01-08

We are excited to announce Maya Iwata as AAPIP's Vice President of Partnerships. In this role, Maya will manage membership strategies and engagement to advance AAPIP's mission and reach. No stranger to AAPIP, Maya has previously served as a Co-Chair of the New York chapter and a founding member of a local giving circle.

2021 AAPIP Board of Directors - Call for Nominations!

Wed, 2020-12-16

AAPIP is on the move. We are the vibrant home for AAPIs and allies in philanthropy, working to bring the full power of our membership network at all leadership levels toward the arc of justice.  

Native Americans in Philanthropy: An Interview with Erik Stegman

Fri, 2020-11-13

November is considered Native American Heritage Month, although like other such designations, it is important to recognize and honor the indigenous peoples on whose land this country called the United States sits on. This month, Pat spoke with Erik Stegman who started in his role as Executive Director of Native Americans in Philanthropy (NAP) in February of this year.

President's Message: Solidarity Matters

Mon, 2020-09-21

Written by AAPIP CEO and President, Pat Eng

September marks my one-year anniversary as President and CEO of AAPIP, and it surely has been a memorable one. The first six pre-COVID-19 months feel like an eternity ago and each subsequent COVID-19 month could very well be measured in dog years.