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Still I Dream

Fri, 2013-02-22
Steve Li, former 2012 Dream Summer Intern and Catherine Eusebio, AAPIP Social Justice Fellow

It was one sunny day on September 15, 2010, and what I expected to be a typical school day turned out to be a day that changed my life. I was 20 years old when five officials dressed in black from Immigration and Customs Enforcement raided my family’s San Francisco apartment. Once I stepped outside, I was handcuffed and shackled, about to spend the next 66 days incarcerated in a county jail and in a detention center in Arizona.

Creating a Piece of History

Mon, 2013-02-18
Alex W. Wong, Community Philanthropy Manager

Congratulations to Red Envelope Giving Circle in their first year of giving together, and for funding a collective $10,000 to Asian and Pacific Islander Family Pride, One Love Oceania, Queer Rebel Productions and The Dragon Fruit Project. To learn more about Red Envelope Giving Circle visit: www.red-envelope-giving-circle.org

Part 4: Civic Engagement Fund (CEF) Critical Collaboration Series

Tue, 2012-12-04
Simran Kaur, The Sikh Coalition

Consensus building is an incredibly powerful process in decision-making. When groups want strong support for a project, by all members, consensus building is not only beneficial but it is also impactful. Consensus building has a rich history and has been used by various communities, groups and political movements over time.

Part 3: Civic Engagement Fund (CEF) Critical Collaboration Series

Mon, 2012-12-03
S. Nadia Hussain

Oftentimes, in activism, it can seem as if we are in isolated bubbles, fighting uphill battles that never end. In this cohort, I think we have seen that we are all a valuable piece of a larger puzzle, pieces that can come together for broader changes. ASATA as an organization feels empowered to know that we are part of a greater movement.

Size Matters (But Not in the Way One Might Think!)

Fri, 2012-11-30
Cynthia Choi, Deputy Director

In September of this year, I had the privilege of attending the inaugural celebration event for the Rainbow Dragon Fund (RDF) the nation’s first giving circle by and for Queer Asian American and Pacific Islander communities and a member of AAPIP’s National Giving Circle network.

New Campaign and Partnership Launched in 2012

Wed, 2012-11-28
Peggy Saika, Executive Director

What if each of us fully embraced the power of leveraging individual action for collective good? What if we all shared a vision that the sum of our actions is greater than the parts alone?

23 Circles and Growing!

Wed, 2012-11-28
Noelle Ito, Community Philanthropy Director

Through AAPIP’s National Giving Circle Campaign, AAPI dreamers and doers have been rolling up their sleeves and pooling their funds to affect positive change. Year 2 of AAPIP’s 5-year campaign reflected this spirit as we saw an incredible year of growth, giving, and gratitude.

Welcome New Board Member June Noronha!

Tue, 2012-09-25

We are thrilled to welcome June Noronha to the AAPIP board. June is a Senior Manager with Native Nations Team at the Bush Foundation in St. Paul, Minnesota