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Identities Clashing

Thu, 2012-08-09
Catherine Eusebio, 2012 DREAM Summer Intern

A clashing of identities was a common theme from the participants of the conference. Many people expressed that they had to fully leave behind their ethnic or religious self because it was at odds with their queer identity. It was uplifting, however, to hear someone say, “We do this [social justice oriented] work to heal ourselves so that we no longer have to exist as fragmented people."

I Know How It Feels to Be Judged For Being Different

Thu, 2012-08-09
Steve Li, 2012 DREAM Summer Intern

Attending the 2012 NQAPIA conference was truly a privilege, being able to share a space with many individuals who identified themselves as LGBTQ API. Never have I seen so many come together from different generations to work for social change in the LQBTQ API community.

We Are Everywhere: Connecting the Dots of Social Justice Movement

Thu, 2012-08-09
Alice Y. Hom, Director, Queer Justice Fund

LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) AAPI (Asian American/Pacific Islander) people have always participated in diverse social justice movements but we have not always been openly gay and/or visible as racialized and gendered people in these movements.

The Power of Dreamers

Wed, 2012-08-08
Timothy P. Silard, President, Rosenberg Foundation

Last month, dozens of youth and advocates gathered for a reception to welcome the Northern California participants of the 2012 Dream Summer program. Organized by the UCLA Labor Center and now in its second year, Dream Summer builds the capacity and leadership of Dream youth by connecting them to full-time internships with social justice and labor organizations like AAPIP, CHIRLA and Asian Law Caucus.

Asian American, Undocumented and Unafraid

Wed, 2012-08-08
Cynthia Choi, Deputy Director, AAPIP

I first met Catherine Eusebio nearly a year ago when she spoke at an AAPIP convening in September 2011 which highlighted Asian American undocumented students. At that convening, alongside fellow DREAM students Ju Hong and David Cho, she spoke eloquently about her personal journey from being afraid, ashamed and angry, to becoming a powerful leader in the immigrant youth movement.

2012 AAPIP Giving Circle Convening: We Are Part of A Movement

Thu, 2012-08-02
Dana Heatherton, Asian American Giving Circle of Greater Houston

When I walked into the Welcome Dinner for AAPIP’s 3rd National Convening, strangers I had never met were cheering and hugging me. It can only be described as a wonderful combination of pep rally, family reunion, and blind date.

2012 AAPIP Giving Circle Convening: A View From the Starting Line

Thu, 2012-08-02
Nageeb Sumar, MASALA (Mid-Atlantic South Asians Leveraging Assets) Giving Circle, Washington, DC

I was both informed and inspired by the 2012 Giving Circle convening in San Francisco on July 13 and 14, which brought together leaders from over 20 giving circles across the country.

Civic Engagement Fund (CEF) Critical Collaboration Series

Tue, 2012-07-31
Laila Mehta, Director, Civic Engagement Fund

At AAPIP we are recognized by many as convenors. As such, convenings are the hallmark of our work, and on July 18 and 19 the CEF cohort met to continue to share lessons learned and to delve into the political realities of AMEMSA immigrant and refugee rights issues. This work has been the cornerstone of CEF’s efforts to build capacity and collaborations in AMEMSA communities, and we’re beginning to see multiple outcomes, but these kinds of results come only with time and deep investment.