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A Path Toward Action

Mon, 2011-10-03
Kristin Aldana-Taday, Deputy Director of Donor Services for Liberty Hill Foundation

Two weeks ago, I headed to San Francisco for the weekend to co-represent one of Los Angeles’ three giving circles, The Circle of Change. It was a weekend that reinvigorated my commitment to social justice and helped me carve out a path toward action—a path not just for me to follow myself, but one I can travel as part of a larger community.

Philanthropy, Giving Circles and a New Generation of Leaders: Reflecting on the AAPIP National Convening

Mon, 2011-10-03
Kent Wong, Director of UCLA Labor Center

The September 2011 convening in San Francisco was the first AAPIP gathering I had attended, and I was impressed by the spirit and scope of the work. I had the opportunity to bring three leaders of the Dream Act movement to present to the group, and they were so gratified to receive such a warm and supportive reception. It was especially meaningful for them to speak before a national gathering of Asian American community leaders, and to be welcomed by their own community.

[Video] Philanthropy and The Economy: Prioritizing Communities, Not Sacrificing Democracy

Fri, 2011-09-23

$1.25 per day. According to the World Bank, this is what defines “extreme poverty” – a condition that describes the lives of at least 1.4 billion people, globally. And with the most severe income inequality in generations and a widening gap between the nation’s wealthiest and its least, especially among immigrant and refugee communities, is this how we build a democracy?

2011 AAPIP National Convening

Thu, 2011-09-01
Severe income inequality? An ever-widening gap between the nation’s wealthiest and it’s least, especially among immigrant and refugee communities? Is today’s notion of sacrifice, really ‘shared’? Is this any way to build and sustain a democracy? And what is philanthropy doing to build the capacity of our communities to ask these questions and build solutions in today’s economy?

It's Thuy

Fri, 2011-08-26
Ai-Tram Bui, 2011 VIET Fellow

If there’s one person I won’t ever forget during my time in Vietnam, it’s Thủy. The first day I met her at Từ Dũ Hospital, she welcomed me with open arms. I can never forget her smile, a smile so generous and kind. I remember her asking me quizzical questions about America and about my life; although we had only met for a day, I felt as though I had known her from years ago.

The AAPIP Giving Circle Campaign: On the Road with Noelle Ito

Tue, 2011-08-23
Noelle Ito

11 giving circles, 7 cities, 1 month and lots of meetings later, I feel fully immersed in AAPIP’s National Giving Circle network. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting all but two of our giving circles and have learned of their strategies, struggles and aspirations.

AAPIP Puget Sound welcomes White House Initiative on APIs

Tue, 2011-08-23
Lyn Hunter, Senior Program Manager, Philanthropy Northwest / Co-Chair, AAPIP Puget Sound Chapter

On July 7, AAPIP Puget Sound co-sponsored a reception welcoming the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (WHIAAPI) and Chris Lu, President Obama’s Assistant and Cabinet Secretary to Seattle. Together, we gathered not as individual groups with our own agendas but as a community with a vested stake in sustainability issues particularly in the API community.