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[video] AMEMSA Communities: Ten Years After 9/11, A Funder Dialogue

Thu, 2011-07-28
Laila Mehta, Director, AAPIP Civic Engagement Fund

On July 14th, AAPIP was pleased to partner with Northern California Grantmakers in convening a special funders dialogue: 10 Years After 9/11: Dialogue on New Opportunities and Continuing Challenges in AMEMSA Communities.

[video] Queer Justice Fund Goes to The White House

Thu, 2011-07-28
Alice Y. Hom, Director, Queer Justice Fund

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender folks typically celebrate Pride Month with marches, parades, and celebrations and one of those celebrations took place on a hot and humid day of June 29 at the White House. As the Director of the Queer Justice Fund, I was invited to attend the LGBT Pride Month Policy Briefing and Reception.

A Historic First: AAPI LGBT Youth at the White House, May 2011

Thu, 2011-07-14
Alice Y. Hom, Director of Queer Justice Fund

On October 1979 in Washington DC, a number of “firsts” and historic moments happened—lesbian and gay Asian American activists formed a Gay Asian Collective at the Third World Lesbian and Gay conference that happened at the same time as the first March on Washington for Gay Rights. These historic moments organized by people who brought together their politics and the full gamut of their identities of gender, race, sexuality, and class helped build the foundation of queer people of color organizing, movement building, and coalition work.

How to be Vietnamese

Sun, 2011-07-10
Holy Vo, 2011 VIET Fellow

I spent a month in the countryside of Bình Minh before heading up to Sài Gòn to start the Viet Fellows program. On the first day, Tony asked us all, “Why are you here?” and met a room of silence. What a simple question, and yet, infinitely difficult to grasp. Why was I here?

Nui and Long: Mountain of hope

Wed, 2011-06-22
Ly Ngo, 2011 VIET Fellow

Incomprehensible, inhumane, injustice. Those were some of the words that popped into my head as I listened to Thay Chau describing the conditions of St. Francis Shelter and the cold shoulder that the world has shown for these beautiful and loving children. Orphaned, disabled, disease-stricken – these are the shared conditions of the children. The children are so full of energy and life, yet some may never be able to experience the feeling of simply being able to walk or speak

[video] Welcoming Noelle Ito, Community Philanthropy Director

Tue, 2011-06-14
AAPIP is pleased to welcome Noelle Ito, Director, Community Philanthropy. Noelle started with AAPIP on May 23, and has already made remarkable progress in reaching out to AAPIP’s growing network of giving circles across the country.

[video] AAPIP Welcomes Tony Luong, US Program Manager for VIET Fellows Program

Wed, 2011-05-18
We are pleased to welcome Tony Luong as the new US Program Manager of the VIET Fellows Program. He joins AAPIP directly from Vietnam where he was an in-country representative and teacher with Volunteers In Asia. Tony comes to AAPIP with extensive experience working in the Vietnamese American community and in Vietnam