Shruti Garg

Shruti Garg joined AAPIP in 2014 and serves as the Membership Engagement Director. She brings nearly 10 years of experience at the intersections of philanthropy, immigrant rights, and public policy. 

Before joining AAPIP, Shruti worked as an independent consultant to strengthen foundation giving as well as the fundraising capacity of nonprofits. Shruti’s efforts are rooted in her ability to navigate uncertainty, create a journey out of chaos, and observe individual needs and organizational demands. She previously worked at the Open Society Foundations (OSF) where she focused on immigrant rights, racial justice, and low-wage worker rights portfolios. Prior to joining OSF, Shruti worked at the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health where she increased institutional awareness on land-use strategies to foster healthy communities. In international work, she worked at the New Delhi-based gender justice organization CREA, where she coordinated a national women’s human rights training program and collaborated with funders and advocates on international dialogues.

Shruti graduated from Smith College and received her Master of Public Policy degree from the University of Southern California.

Shruti, in her own words: What do you enjoy doing that you don’t get paid for? A not-so-secret indulgence of mine is my interest in mid-20th century drama and mystery radio shows.