AAPIP Affinity Spaces

As an organization committed to disaggregating ethnicity-level data for our communities and known for providing gathering spaces for Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders who work in philanthropy, we are excited to announce the kick-off of AAPIP Affinity Spaces!

Our intention with facilitating these spaces is to cultivate a stronger sense of community within the diasporas of the AAPIP network. Beginning Spring 2024, we will facilitate affinity spaces for folx who hold one or multiple of the following identities:

  • Southeast Asian
  • New Gen (Gen Z, Millennial, Zillennial)
  • Filipino

We’d like to co-facilitate these spaces with our members, so if you’re interested in collaborating with us to create these intentional affinity spaceswe’d love to hear from you.

We’re also taking suggestions for new affinity spaces to potentially launch in 2025. Please share with us your hopes for an affinity space and your interest in co-designing with us!

Please note: this is only available to AAPIP members.