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Who is AAPIP?

AAPIP is a justice-minded national membership-based philanthropic affinity group that provides unique, irreplaceable community spaces for Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders, alongside people of color, LGBTQ people, and other allies in philanthropy. AAPIP works in coalition with identity-based philanthropy affinity groups, known as the CHANGE Philanthropy coalition, to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in philanthropic spaces and mobilize more philanthropic resources to underserved communities.

  • Field and Member Education and Engagement: Through field-facing and member facing education and engagement, AAPIP provides thought leadership, advocacy tools and relationship building through our educational products and research, convenings and webinars as well as through our communications that are meaningful and helpful to the sector.
  • Leadership Impact: Building connections and networks that inspire action whether they are working groups, ad hoc committees, chapters, giving circles or other philanthropic communities, AAPIP is helping progressive AAPIs find each other, build community so they have the feeling of belonging and strong voice to take actions, big and small, for racial equity and justice.
  • Movement Network and Community Building: AAPIP works to increase philanthropy for people of color communities inclusive of AAPIs. We are strong partners for racial equity and justice for all communities of color, and raise a strong voice in support of our disenfranchised and invisible communities within the very diverse AAPI community.

Institutional and individual members of AAPIP are part of a robust community who are aligned with our racial equity principles. As a membership based organization, our member dues help support our programs which are centered on racial equity, solidarity and justice in philanthropy.

Why Join Us

AAPIP’s membership provides professional development and leadership, community building, movement building and advocacy within philanthropy to bring intersectional racial equity that is inclusive of AAPI communities.

Our membership benefits include (but are not limited to):

Professional Development for Racial Equity and Justice

  • Peer learning opportunities
  • Leadership opportunities in AAPIP Chapters, AAPIP’s Board, ad hoc committees, working groups or part of convening planning committees
  • Access to AAPIP Chapter member only events
  • AAPIP National’s member only offerings and program discounts
  • Voting for AAPIP’s Board of Directors (designated voting member of institutional members and individual members)

Community Building

  • Discounted access to annual meeting/convening; educational programing and access as an AAPIP member to other groups and networks for free or discounted offerings including CHANGE Philanthropy’s UNITY Summit registration fee.

Movement Building and Advocacy within the Sector

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Ask-Free Zone:

Please note that solicitation is strictly prohibited at AAPIP events.

All AAPIP members and any guests they bring agree that they will not solicit funding for organizations and/or projects, solicit on behalf of a business or services, or pitch products at AAPIP events.