Coalition of Asian American Leaders (2013-2015)

The Coalition of Asian American Leaders (CAAL) is a project that was incubated with AAPIP and is now led by local Asian American leaders in Minnesota who are leveraging their assets to harness power to build unity, cohesion, and common agendas to advance equity in the State. Through its National Gender & Equity Campaign (NGEC), AAPIP opened its office in Minnesota in 2006 to invest in locaal efforts that build social justice infrastructure and leadership. Together with local leaders, AAPIP co-founded this locally led leadership effort.

CAAL is a concrete expression of how AAPIP leverages social capital, knowledge, and skills to develop leadership that is relevant and responsive to local environments.


CAAL’s key goals are to:

  • Create dynamic platforms that connect Minnesota’s emerging and experienced Asian American leaders.
  • Develop a data and narrative informed strategic blueprint/action plan that CAAL leaders support and commit to advancing together.
  • Develop cross-learning across generations, sectors, and various ethnicities within the Asian Minnesotan population.
  • Work with other communities of color to advance equity more broadly in the State.

Community Leadership

CAAL is currently guided by its Executive Team:

  • Bao Vang, President and Executive Director, Hmong American Partnership
  • Bo Thao-Urabe, Network Director, CAAL
  • Dr. Bruce Corrie, Associate Vice President, University Relations & International Program, Concordia University
  • Hoyt Hsiao, President and CEO, Shaw Lundquist
  • Margie Andreason, AAPIP-MN Chapter Co-Chair and Assistant to the President and Project Coordinator, Northwest Area Foundation
  • Dr. MayKao Hang, President and CEO, Wilder Foundation
  • Pa Thao, Assistant to the President and CEO, Northside Achievement Zone
  • Dr. Rose Chu, Interim Dean School of Urban Education, Metropolitan State University
  • VaMegn Thoj, Executive Director, Asian Economic Development Association

Philanthropic Partners

Philanthropic Partners

  • Bush Foundation
  • F.R. Bigelow Foundation
  • Northwest Area Foundation
  • Individual donations from CAAL leaders