Institutional Membership

  • Foundation, corporate or philanthropic entities
  • Professional grantmaker associations or grantmaking organizations
  • Institutions with charitable giving programs

To Establish a New Institutional Membership with AAPIP: 
Contact our Marnelle Marasigan at (510) 463-3161 or marnelle [at]

To Renew: 
Contact our Marnelle Marasigan at (510) 463-3161 or marnelle [at]

Stand with our current Institutional Member Foundations and know your partnership with AAPIP:

  • Expands circles of philanthropy and giving to AAPI communities
  • Supports capacity building of key community organizations through strategic investments and new approaches to social justice philanthropy
  • Promotes equity, diversity, and leadership in the philanthropic sector
  • Strengthens a national member-supported organization with a regional infrastructure and vast network of individuals and institutions engaged in building democratic philanthropy