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Chief Executive Officer (Bay Area Community Resources)

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Bay Area Community Resources

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San Francisco

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San Francisco Bay Area, CA

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For more than four decades, Bay Area Community Resources (BACR) has been delivering a wide range of direct services to communities,  throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Services are clustered by industry and program areas that  include expanded learning (after school programs), national service (AmeriCorps), behavioral and mental  health, healthy communities (community schools and family services), and youth workforce and re-entry. 

BACR provides direct services to tens of thousands of people each year. BACR professionals witness the  strength and resilience of the individuals and families they serve who are often those most adversely  impacted by systemic racism, poverty, and inequitable access to resources and opportunities. 

BACR has remained steadfast to its mission: promoting the healthy development of individuals, families,  and communities. BACR is grateful for the opportunity to serve communities with compassion throughout  the Bay Area, as well as expand in central and southern California. 

Job Description

The Board of Directors of Bay Area Community Resources (“BACR”) is seeking its next visionary executive  leader to lead this high-profile, high-impact, beloved nonprofit community services organization as it  increases its impact through continued statewide expansion, building on the organization’s strengths and  successes, as well as creating and enabling effective partnerships between local, state, and federal grant  making governmental agencies, along with local, statewide, and national industry organizations, and  BACR. 

The new leader of BACR will work with an experienced management team and staff that are high caliber,  engaged, passionate, and committed to the mission of the organization. BACR has created and preserved  a workplace culture of “we” versus a culture of “I”. Words used to describe BACR culture include: kind,  open, supportive, collaborative, and inclusive. In addition to a dedicated staff and a warm culture, the new  leader will find a strong infrastructure to leverage across the organization to meet the needs of the  community, locally, regionally and across the state.

BACR is governed by a 10-member Board of Directors who bring diverse backgrounds and experience to  their board service. BACR’s annual operating budget is in excess of $50 million. The staff — over 1,300  dedicated professionals (500 full-time) — deliver over 1,000,000 annual hours of services, with AmeriCorps  Members and 2,000+ other volunteers providing another half million hours of direct services.

This is an exciting executive leadership opportunity for a thriving community services organization  working in partnership with government grant makers and direct service providers at the local, state, and  federal levels to increase impact via geographic growth as well as program expansion and new program  development.


The overall role of the CEO is to ensure the health and well-being of the organization, the employees, and the communities that BACR serves. Working with the Board of Directors and senior leadership  staff, the CEO works to enhance the visibility of the organization in the public, government, and  other communities of the San Francisco Bay Area, the state of California, and the nation. The CEO  maintains a highly visible, positive professional profile. The CEO leads the agency which is focused in  the industry areas of expanded learning (after school programs), national service (AmeriCorps),  behavioral and mental health, healthy communities (community schools and family services), and  youth workforce and re-entry. The CEO should be attuned to social issues that impact the systemic  issues impacting these areas. The CEO is a strategic relationship builder and influencer with local,  state, and national policy makers, grant making government agencies, institutional funders including  foundations, and community partner organizations. 

The CEO provides the strategic vision, overall leadership, and structured direction for the organization, its  programs, and its outreach. This is accomplished by working closely with the Board of Directors, executing  on the strategic plan and being assisted and supported by the executive leadership and staff. The CEO will  manage and oversee the organization’s activities, programs, fundraising, infrastructure, staff, finances,  and community partner engagement work. The CEO must have the ability to be both visionary and  grassroots-oriented, bringing a community-minded sensibility to leading and managing in a hands-on  fashion that does not venture into micromanaging. 

Compensation: The Board of Directors anticipates offering an annual salary in the range of $275,000 to $315,000 for the  role and responsibilities described above; actual salary amount is commensurate with experience. A  comprehensive benefits package will be offered to the successful candidate. 

Bay Area Community Resources is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate, support, and thrive on  diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

Professional Responsibilities

Strategic Leadership and Vision 

Develop strategic initiatives to strengthen the organization in scale, quality, and effectiveness;  continually explore the environment and identify agency opportunities on which to capitalize. Lead effective, structured, and specific business planning processes and models such that the  

Board and staff are clear on organizational directions, priorities, and processes in the execution of  the work to align with the agency’s mission and competitive advantages. 

Report directly to the Board of Directors while maintaining a strong strategic governance and  executive leadership partnership with the Board to jointly define medium range planning.  

External and Partner Relations 

Lead and/or participate in external collaborations and partnerships on federal, state, and local  levels. Participate as agency lead on state and national committees as appropriate. Maintain and strengthen professional relationships with all key stakeholders, such as government  agencies, community leaders, and funders. 

Build community relationships and develop opportunities to raise unrestricted funds; this could  provide some fee-for-service and unrestricted revenue reflecting BACR’s deep expertise in its  industries and program areas and its ability to offer technical assistance to others. Meet and evaluate potential organizations that could join BACR in partnership. 

Financial Management 

Work with executive leadership to critically analyze new and existing contracts for financial and  programmatic viabilities. Authorize and review key proposal submissions. Approve BACR  contracts and expenditures. 

Work with the CFO and Board of Directors for future investments to enhance the financial security  of the agency. 

Develop the agency’s annual operating budget in conjunction with executive leadership and  ensure its effective implementation with all program leaders. Promote the financial management  and professional development for program staff, ensuring they understand and integrate the  financial drivers of their industry and program areas. 

Develop, in conjunction with the CFO, financial models to assess performance. Strategize and collaborate with the CFO to ensure adequate cash flow and infrastructure to  guarantee BACR is financially sound including identifying and securing lines of credit or other  financial management instruments as appropriate.

Program and Operational Management  

Communicate and embody the agency core values, mission and ensure that policies, practices, and  operations are aligned with the values. 

Work with the Chief Program Officer (CPO) and CFO to review industry performance and capitalize  on successes, identify risks, scale existing business models, and allocate resources accordingly to  ensure high quality, efficient, effective programs and make changes as appropriate. 

Lead, in conjunction with the CPO, the development of annual plans and metrics for all industries  and departments. Work with CPO to develop strategies for existing and new programs ensuring  program objectives and financial goals are met. 

Lead the development of Three-Year Goal plans, in connection with the Board, and monitor their  execution and success. 

Assess and improve data metrics and collection on program impact and outcomes; use this  information to continuously improve programs and processes. 

People Management 

Lead, inspire, manage, and retain the Leadership Team including Chief Financial Officer, People &  Culture Director, Chief Program Officer, Chief of Staff, and others, providing them with support,  guidance, mentoring, as well as professional development and training to fulfill their  responsibilities to a standard of excellence. Ensure future leaders are identified for professional  development and career ladder opportunities. Advocate continually searching for new talent at all  levels to recruit to the agency. 

Maintain and enhance a culture of respect and collaboration. Actively support DEIB initiatives.  Model organizational norms of mutual respect, accountability, transparency, and clearly defined  roles and policies. 

Confirm and uphold a commitment to continuous learning, at both strategic and tactical levels in  the organization. 

Develop and maintain meaningful relationships at all levels of the organization while  ensuring a high level of accessibility to all staff members. 

Provide regular staff communications to all levels of the agency.

Job Qualifications

Education: A bachelor’s or advanced degree, M.B.A. is a plus. Educational credentials or experiential  learning resulting in extreme adeptness with P&L management, creating effective  operating budgets, managing the key drivers of financial performance and understanding  implications of financial statements, as well as creating and implementing compelling  strategic plans.

Experience: A well-qualified candidate will bring a minimum of 10 years of prior experience as a CEO,  Executive Director, industry leader or in a related position at a nonprofit, foundation,  government, or industry enterprise. This includes experience in any of the industry areas:  national service, after school programs, youth development and/or behavioral health. 

Proven experience executing organizational growth and leading a similar or larger size  successful nonprofit, program(s), agency and/or related entity in revenue, program and/or  staff size is keenly desired.

Additionally, a demonstrated track record of success in the following areas determines a candidate’s level  of qualifications:  

The successful candidate will have:  

Passion for BACR’s mission and purpose and the ability to communicate this passion to others within  the agency as well as externally with funders and the communities BACR serves. 

Proven Level 5 leadership experience and attributes, including the paradoxical combination of  personal humility and professional will. (Level 5 Leadership)  

Demonstrated track record of creating and supporting an organizational vision, with strategic thinking  and planning abilities to fulfill the vision, and experience with tactical implementation of the strategic  plan to fulfill the organizational mission.  

Strong and savvy financial acumen, including well-developed abilities to budget, create agency-wide  plans, manage complex financial structures and vehicles to support BACR and its business model, as  well as bring superb cash management and treasury management strategies and tactics for  organizational success based on the preponderance of funding, timing of payment and revenue via  government contracts. Demonstrated experience in the management delivering services bound by  restricted funding sources, government grants as well as providing opportunities to enhance  discretionary, non-restricted fundraising. Successful track record leading, along with CFO, successful  programs, agency or government audits.  

Proven experience of close and productive working relationship with a nonprofit Board including  demonstrated ability to be a thought partner, engaged communicator, strategic planner, and  respectful presenter of disparate points of view for discussion and consideration.  

Successful and enduring creation, expansion, and stewardship of external partnerships with direct  service entities, such as school districts, local, regional, and statewide community-based  organizations, and diverse groups of people. Hands-on experience with direct services is highly  attractive. 

Successful solicitations and partnerships with government agencies who provide grant-based funding  and partnerships of long and successful duration. This includes experience with the government grant  making process, contract funding mechanisms and timing, as well as contract grants management, at  the local, state, and federal level. Ability to understand and communicate the financial and program  results along with executive leadership to appropriate stakeholders. Success in identifying and  implementing earned income/fee-for-service revenue models and generating unrestricted funds is  deeply appealing. 

Familiarity with diverse operational and administrative business functions such as marketing, public  relations, serving as a spokesperson, organizational and industry storytelling, etc. Human capital management strategies and tactics experience, including success in motivating,  recruiting, developing, retaining, and mentoring high performance, mission-driven, and results oriented teams. This includes a demonstrated commitment to the values of DEIB. Excellent written, oral, and public speaking skills reflecting being a persuasive and passionate  communicator with strong interpersonal and multidisciplinary project skills. A track record of success  in making presentations, as well as lobbying or meeting with key influencers and decision makers at  local, state and/or national levels including agencies, foundations, governmental organizations and  community groups, is required. 

Demonstrated strong working relationships, empathy, collaboration and commitment with all levels  of staff. 

Compassion, humility, trustworthiness, high emotional intelligence, and personal authenticity.

How to Apply

Bay Area Community Resources is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate, support, and thrive on  diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. 

For additional information regarding this opportunity, please contact: 

Sally Carlson, Managing Partner,

Heidi Holzhauer, Partner,

415.203.5259 mobile | 707.963.1250 direct 

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