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Since its inception in 2001, the Broad Reach Foundation has made grants in service of the family’s mission to promote healthy ecosystems, coexistence, community resilience, and human well-being. The Foundation’s grants nurture new ideas, champion important under-represented viewpoints, and advance innovative approaches that lead to sustainable change. Building on a decades-long legacy of grantmaking impact, the Foundation is inviting applications and nominations for an inaugural Executive Director (ED) to lead the Foundation into a new era, expanding organizational capacity and honing strategy for growth and increased impact.

Up to the present, the Foundation has operated anonymously. Moving forward, the Board has begun taking steps to establish a “low-profile” public presence and now seeks an Executive Director to help steward that transition in a way that embodies the Foundation’s value of humility and preference to shine a light on the work of grantees rather than itself. At present, the Foundation makes grants to Donor Advised Funds (DAFs), hosted by umbrella community and public foundations under names that distance grantmaking from the Foundation and members of the Board of Directors and/or family members. Looking to the future, the Board is enthusiastic to build a more cohesive executive-led organization that best positions it for sustainable impact.

Widely varied, the combined program areas represent a powerful and diverse set of philanthropic approaches, willingness to assume risk and try creative solutions, and employ science-driven and evidence-and experience-based practices. Priorities currently include toxic chemical reform, climate change, ocean resilience, healthy ecosystems, indigenous rights, food justice, the arts, and international human rights, with a cross cutting commitment to social justice.

The Broad Reach Foundation’s inaugural ED will work in direct and strategic thought partnership with the Board to continue realization of its mission and vision, leading operations and overseeing all grantmaking components. They will identify and apply best practices, processes, and structures to the Foundation’s work, advancing the craft of the family’s giving through effective management and leadership of the organization and team. They will help design and steward strategic planning with the Board, translating objectives into concrete workplans, timelines, and staffing plans. The ED will represent the Foundation externally with integrity, gravitas, and incisive curiosity, nurturing existing relationships and building new ones as the organization transitions from anonymity. A natural builder of both relationships and systems, they will also be committed to the use of data and research in effective decision making. The ED will continue to ensure that all programs and initiatives are well-supported by expert staff and counsel where needed and uphold shared commitments to excellence and values of measured risk-taking, innovation, humility, creativity, and collaboration.

Strong candidates will demonstrate capacity for keen strategic leadership and organizational design and development, as well as an ability to oversee and manage diverse programmatic and/or philanthropic initiatives as they grow. They will bring keen judgment and sensitivity to this important developmental moment for the Foundation as it transitions to a more public profile. While interests and expertise in toxics and climate change would be an asset, it is not necessary for the ED to be an expert in any one relevant area. Strong candidates will bring some experience and interest in one or more program areas and demonstrate rigor and flexibility to work across diverse content and strategic domains. Cross-sector experience and perspective is valued and the demonstrated ability to bring clear processes and strategy to shepherd organizational growth and impact is required.


The Foundation currently employs four remote staff members as well as an interim managing director. The current Board of Directors is comprised of three members of the Richards family and is expected to grow to include non-family in the coming year. A Senior Advisor to the family has already begun to open up the board. Additionally, the Foundation partners with a variety of consultants across the programmatic and operational functions and with a management firm that provides administrative and investment support. Program areas are funded by separate donor advised funds (DAFs) which are hosted by umbrella community and public foundations. Board-designated grantmaking committees oversee the annual DAF grantmaking for specific focus areas. DAFs affiliated with the Foundation support a range of programs and grantmaking approaches and address widely varied grantmaking priorities cited above.

In 2022, the Foundation made approximately $21 million in grants, an increase from $15.6M in 2021. With an inaugural Executive Director and growing staff, the Foundation is planning for steady incremental growth in both assets and grantmaking over the next five years, in alignment with strategic planning. The Foundation currently has overall assets of approximately $250 million and an annual operating budget of approximately $1.4 million.

Job Description


In alignment with the Board’s vision and strategic direction, the Executive Director will lead all programmatic, strategic, and operational functions across the Foundation. We envision the ED engaging immediately with the following opportunities for impact:

• Strategically and holistically assess the Foundation’s current work to help refine program strategy and direction and ensure consistency and alignment with the board’s vision, mission, and values; facilitate strategic planning and board visioning process and translate to action steps.
• Help identify and vet new program opportunities within the existing areas and new areas as they surface in strategic planning and in the course of the work. In examining current and potential grants and partnerships, include approaches that recognize the historical power imbalances perpetuated by philanthropy and center voices of those most impacted by the challenges we are working to address.
• Effectively convene and/or consult with leading experts in relevant fields in support of the Foundation’s work; engage periodically with peer leaders in philanthropy to share and gather learning toward continuous improvement.
• Build organizational infrastructure and systems to support impact, including:

o Assess needs and set timelines, workplans, and staffing plans for organizational development initiatives.
o Build and maintain grants management, funder stewardship, information technology, and other operational systems.
o Ensure the overall financial health of the organization, including compliance, continuous monitoring, forecasting, and timely budgeting and analysis in concert with the Board.
o Support the process of expanding the board and clarifying roles and governance policy as needed.

• Ensure operational excellence and efficiency across the organization, and as it grows, consider where new models and/or approaches might best serve the mission.
• Bring adaptive, equity-centered leadership and management practices to support a culture of learning, growth, and belonging on the staff and ensure the highest standards of excellence in grantmaking.

Broad Reach Foundation offers competitive pay with an estimated base salary range of $250,000 – $300,000 for the Executive Director and a generous suite of benefits. We anticipate that ED compensation will grow over time in alignment with anticipated growth and achievement of strategic objectives.

Job Qualifications


While no one candidate will embody all the qualifications enumerated below, the most aligned candidates will possess many of the following professional and personal abilities, attributes and experiences:

• Demonstrated capacity to lead an organization through change, working in partnership with internal stakeholders to translate a vision into clearly defined priorities and results.
• Experience in grant-making and philanthropic settings (strongly preferred), in particular those committed to innovation and willing to explore creative philanthropic opportunities and strategies.
• Pragmatic and entrepreneurial organizational skills combined with the ability to bring intellectual rigor, clarity, and data to decision-making processes; demonstrated financial acumen and ability to manage budgets, track and forecast effectively.
• Experience managing and leading people in a high-performing and diverse team environment; commitment to fostering team culture that is values-centered and the ability to bring a spirit of joy and good humor to work.
• Strong convening skills and an authentic interest in listening to and learning from others; ability to establish and maintain trust with a diverse set of internal and external stakeholders.
• Exceptional relational and communication skills and ability to engage in strategic diplomacy.
• Compelling personal presence and ability to connect across diverse settings and communities.
• Humility and the highest personal integrity.

How to Apply

Broad Reach Foundation is partnering with Allison Kupfer Poteet and Sarah Hecklau of NPAG on this search. Candidates may submit their cover letter, outlining their interest and qualifications, along with their resume via NPAG’s website.

Broad Reach Foundation is an equal opportunity employer and proudly values diversity. Candidates of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

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