National Giving Circle Campaign (2011-2015)

From 2011-2015, AAPIP supported the development of over 50 giving circles across the nation. During that campaign, AAPIP offered technical assistance, training, leveraging opportunities, and convenings to Giving Circles in order to grow philanthropy within the community, from the grassroots. These giving circles supported over 500 AAPI nonprofit organizations with over $2.7 million. These issues and causes included:

  • Supporting AAPI youths, ages 13-21, who identify as LGBTQ in Washington DC;
  • Empowering victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse in the Hmong community in Milwaukee;
  • Confronting the prejudice that arose towards Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim and South Asian communities after 9/11 through the medium of theater in New York City



AAPIP’s Giving Circle Campaign would not have been possible without the support from the following partners: