AAPIP in the news

AAPIP Giving Circles in the News

1. Seattle Globalist: “Immigrant Giving Shapes a New Culture of Philanthropy”

By Anna Goren
Posted: 03/31/2014

Members of Kibei Giving Circle and their fiscal host in Seattle, Social Justice Fund Northwest, provide context about what and why giving circles are shaping the culture of philanthropy:

“Generosity is a part of who we are,” says Uma Rao, the former Development Director for API Chaya, who sits on the Board of the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project. “The conversation is never about convincing someone to give, it’s just a matter of how.” That how is something that many innovative philanthropy organizations in Seattle have brought into question, capitalizing on the strengths of flourishing immigrant communities here, from the more settled, (many of whom have found success in the tech industry), to recent arrivals fleeing persecution and struggling to make ends meet.

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2. Asian Journal: Root 54 Gives Awards to Kalusugan Community Services and Kuya Ate Mentoring Program 

By Hiyasmin Vargas and Emylou Dirige
Posted: 03/14.2014

Members of Root 54 Giving Circle talk about what it means to give back in San Diego and be part of the larger National Giving Circle Movement:

“It’s not about us the individual members, but it’s about us wanting to collectively be part of something greater. We learn by giving and give by learning with each other. We are building community.” 

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