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AAPIP President and CEO Interviewed on “Wake Up with Nubian Tigers Talk” Podcast

About Wake Up with Nubian Tigers Talk podcast: Nubian Tigers are people who met at Princeton University. We maintained our friendship during the decades after graduation. Black communities are still experiencing racism. Therefore, we created this podcast. Through the podcast we lend our voices to important discussions about Black life.

Episode Description:

This season opens with a bang! We are pleased to add to our series on Learning Our AlliesPatricia Eng President and CEO of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy (AAPIP) chats with us about her work, in this episode, Learning About Our Allies: Asian Americans.

Pat’s Princeton experience was influenced by the time she spent at the Third World Center. There, her interactions with students of color, particularly African Americans, helped to shape her political outlook. She carries that influence with her today and it helps shape her work. She understands how racism shapes stereotypes about Asians that actually hurt the Asian community and falsely establish them as antagonists to African American communities.

There are many factors of oppression that all the BIPOC communities share, such as poverty, lack of access to good education and housing, and under-representation in our legislative bodies. Building coalitions among marginalized communities is a key component of AAPIP’s mission. With good ally networks, we can all improve conditions for our respective communities.

Please enjoy, Learning About Our Allies: Asian Americans. Don’t forget to check out our resource page for more information on the events Pat mentions.

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