AAPIP Voices

Building Philanthropic Partnerships to Advance Justice


Cynthia Choi, Vice President, Philanthropic Partnerships

When I joined AAPIP over 9 years ago, we were testing new ideas and strategies.  In that time, I learned a lot about the ever-evolving philanthropic sector and the resiliency of our communities.  However, the greatest lesson of all was the need to build more community and philanthropic partnerships that were grounded in mutual respect and a commitment to building a more just and equitable society. 

In my new role as Vice President, Philanthropic Partnerships, I will continue to work with our current partners as well creating new collaborations that will both harness the assets and meet the challenges of our diverse and growing community.  Additionally, I am eager to explore untapped areas of growth including individual and community philanthropy in its various forms.

AAPIP is well positioned to seize upon a moment of unprecedented growth and civic engagement in our community.  It is also a time when philanthropy is not asking if they have a role but boldly putting forth a call to support institutions and movements that are dedicated to address inequities and advance justice. 

This no doubt is an exciting period and I look forward to working with you to ultimately increase the visibility and long-range investments in the AAPI community.