AAPIP Voices

The Power of Connecting Programs and Networks


Noelle Ito, Vice President, Programs

Building on five years of my work with the National Giving Circle Campaign and as a former AAPIP LA and NYC chapter member, I am thrilled to be stepping into the role of Vice President of Programs.  I’ve experienced first hand as a member and staff person all that AAPIP’s network has to offer.  As a graduate student I referenced AAPIP’s research for my thesis.  As a development director I built relationships with funders at AAPIP events.  And most recently I worked alongside community philanthropists to advocate for more foundation funding to our community.

It is through AAPIP’s incubations, research and community philanthropy programs that we have been able to shape the narrative around AAPI philanthropy, examining the lack of institutional philanthropy and offering recommendations for how to make philanthropy more equitable and engaging. 

AAPIP is at a transformative juncture in our 25-year history and I am looking forward to strengthening our current programs and exploring new areas of interest with the end goal of increasing resources to the AAPI community. I am particularly interested in thinking about ways to bring all parts of our network together from institutions to chapter members to individual philanthropists to learn from each other and advance philanthropy and community. 

I am energized by the many opportunities ahead, to maximize shared learning and increase overall program impact.  I look forward to hearing from our network about what tools you need to be a powerful philanthropic change maker.