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[video] Welcoming Noelle Ito, Community Philanthropy Director


AAPIP is pleased to welcome Noelle Ito, Director, Community Philanthropy.  Noelle started with AAPIP on May 23, and has already made remarkable progress in reaching out to AAPIP’s growing network of giving circles across the country.

In this new role, Noelle will shepherd AAPIP’s Giving Circle Campaign and growing work in the development and support of a national giving circle movement. Prior to joining AAPIP Noelle was the Director of Donor Relations for BronxWorks, in New York. She has also served as the Director of Development for the Little Tokyo Service Center in Los Angeles.

Noelle has extensive experience in donor relations and, in a recent interview, shared her thoughts about the promise and potential of community philanthropy and giving circles, in particular:

“There are donors that look like us … and if we pool our resources, like we’ve been doing all of these years in our community’s history, we can do something really big. It’s going to make a big impact. We can partner with each other, and leverage each other’s strengths. … Giving circles are all different. There’s not one formula. They’re all unique and we want to preserve that.”

On the role of institutional philanthropy, and community foundations in particular, with the giving circle movement, Noelle adds:

“This movement really is going to involve everyone – from big foundations, community foundations, AAPIP, the giving circles and their leadership, the non-profit organizations doing the work and their participants, too.”

To learn more about Noelle and her observations about the impact of community philanthropy and the AAPIP Giving Circle Campaign, watch this brief interview or contact her at .