AAPIP Voices

We’re Better Together


By Noelle Ito, Senior Director of Communty Philanthropy

In 2003, AAPIP began developing and supporting Giving Circles in the AANHPI community and soon after, launched a National Giving Circle Campaign to catalyze a movement that empowers everyday people to join with their friends, family, coworkers and colleagues to become local philanthropists. Today there are 49 AANHPI Giving Circles across the nation that have funded a diverse group of innovative programs.

In some regions, Giving Circles have strategically partnered with community foundations to start donor advised funds as a way to connect the AANHPI community with institutional philanthropy. While we are proud of our accomplishments together, we believe that now is the time to take the Giving Circle movement to the next level. We want Giving Circles and community foundations to take the GIVE GET GROW CHALLENGE.

Our Challenge is this – if a community foundation will provide $10,000 of support for one of AAPIP’s Giving Circles to help the local AANHPI community, AAPIP will match it dollar-for-dollar. Suddenly, $10,000 becomes an additional $20,000 to be invested in the local community on top of what the Giving Circles are already raising. Beyond the money, connecting with a local AANHPI Giving Circle creates a lifeline to the community and helps institutions make better informed decisions based on the community that they serve.

Our Giving Circles have proven that with a little support, they can have a high return on investment. We can only imagine what great good they could accomplish with an additional $20,000 ($10,000 from community foundation matched by $10,000 from AAPIP). More elders will be helped, more teens engaged, and more families supported. More injustices will be challenged.

Support this growing movement of community philanthropists and invest in the AANHPI community with us. We’re Better Together. Learn more about the Give Get Grow Challenge and participating community foundations: