Institutional Membership Eligibility

Institutional members include:

  • Private independent foundations;
  • Family foundations;
  • Corporate foundations / corporations with community giving programs;
  • Professional grantmaking networks or philanthropy-serving organizations;
  • Government grantmaking entities (federal, state, city or county); and
  • Public charities engaged in substantial grantmaking activities.

Institutional Membership Benefits:

  • Eligible to designate one individual from the institution as the voting member.
  • Eligible to designate up to 20 additional staff, directors, officers or trustees as participating members.
  • All designated members eligible to be nominated for election to the AAPIP board or to serve as an AAPIP Chapter co-chair.
  • Member discount rate at AAPIP National Network Convening / Annual Meeting and other programs.
  • Member newsletter and priority invitations to AAPIP programs and special events.
  • Complimentary job listings on AAPIP website.
  • Invitation to design and organize collaborative program sessions for AAPIP’s annual conference, regional symposia, and funders briefings.

Annual Institutional Membership dues are based on asset size, as follows:

Asset Size Dues
Below $10 million $500
$10m to $99m $1,000
$100m to $499m $2,500
$500m to $999m $5,000
$1 billion or more $10,000

Note:  Annual institutional memberships will begin either on January 1 or July 1

Please note that solicitation is strictly prohibited at AAPIP events. All AAPIP members and any guests they bring agree that they will not solicit funding for organizations and/or projects, solicit on behalf of a business or services, or pitch products at AAPIP events.