25 Leaders in Action Awards (2015)

In 2015, AAPIP celebrated 25 years, a significant milestone for any organization.  For AAPIP, it was a special opportunity to connect and activate our vast and diverse network.  We celebrated leadership in its many forms while honoring the spirit of our activist founders through the recognition of 25 Leaders who take important actions every day to lift up AAPI communities around the nation.

The 25 Leaders in Action honorees represented a diverse group spanning a wide range of organizations, years of experience, roles, and sectors throughout the country. Additionally, they address issues from immigrant rights to LGBTQ matters, from education and affordable housing to racial equity.

The awardees recognized are:

  • Rosie Abriam
  • Surjeet Ahluwalia
  • Rajasvini Bhansali
  • Cathy Cha
  • Kelly D. Chau
  • Thai Ha-Ngoc
  • Taylor & Ayden Her
  • Raj Jayadev
  • Dana Kawaoka-Chan
  • Surina Khna
  • New Latthivongskorn
  • Romana Lee-Akiyama
  • Frank Liu
  • Sharon Maeda
  • Joy Messinger
  • Serena Moy
  • Lua Pritchard
  • Karthick Ramakrishnan
  • Luna Ranjit
  • Roselma Samala
  • Neville Vakharia
  • Sue Van
  • Paul Watanabe
  • Kayva Yang
  • Dae Joong Yoon