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Post Event Summary – Sikh Civics: Philanthropy’s Role in Building a Multicultural Society

On June 2nd, AAPIP, Proteus Fund and The Asian American Foundation sponsored a webinar called, “Sikh Civics: Philanthropy’s Role in Building A Multiracial Society.” The conversation was so timely in grappling with recent mass shootings and racialized violence. For a community that has been brutally targeted since 9/11, the contributions of the Sikh community toward this country’s civil society are enormous, from inclusion policies within the military to policies of transformative justice in school systems.

This webinar was scheduled in memory of the one year mark of the shooting in Indianapolis that left four Sikh Americans dead and in advance of the 10th year mark of the shooting that left seven dead in its wake. Highlighting incidents in Bellingham to 9/11 and Oak Creek to Queens, the speakers described how the Sikh community developed a rapid response framework and shifted over the years toward sustained engagement as a result of  high impact litigation, community empowerment, research, advocacy, media & pop culture representation, and education. This webinar is a wake-up call to philanthropy in responding to violence and valuing the communities that ARE the true strength of this nation.

Speakers included Kiran Kaur Gill, Executive Director, Sikh American Legal Defense & Education Fund , Anisha Singh, Executive Director, Sikh Coalition, and Moderated by: Amardeep Singh, Vice President for Programs, Proteus Fund

To view their slide deck presentation please click here