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The Philanthropy of Tomorrow Begins With the Women and Girls of Today

I have spent a lifetime trying to rid the world of violence against women, starting with the community I knew

The Public Safety of Asian American and Pacific Islander Women

For Immediate Release: Mar 16, 2022 Contact: New York, NY –  As we mark one year since the horrific

Reparations Through Philanthropy: The Okura Mental Health Leadership Foundation

Written by Karen L. Ishizuka, Ph.D., President of Okura Mental Health Leadership Foundation In 1942, Los Angeles mayor Fletcher Bowron

A Last Breath Tribute

Every story has a beginning and an end, but for me, I like to think that the end of a

Philanthropy 911: Where’s the Emergency?

“I watched the generation that was silenced and then I watch a new generation coming up now that is fearless.”

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