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How to be Vietnamese

Holy Vo, 2011 VIET Fellow

I spent a month in the countryside of Bình Minh before heading up to Sài Gòn to start the Viet Fellows program. On the first day, Tony asked us all, “Why are you here?” and met a room of silence. What a simple question, and yet, infinitely difficult to grasp. Why was I here?


Nui and Long: Mountain of hope

Ly Ngo, 2011 VIET Fellow

Incomprehensible, inhumane, injustice. Those were some of the words that popped into my head as I listened to Thay Chau describing the conditions of St. Francis Shelter and the cold shoulder that the world has shown for these beautiful and loving children. Orphaned, disabled, disease-stricken – these are the shared conditions of the children. The children are so full of energy and life, yet some may never be able to experience the feeling of simply being able to walk or speak


It’s Thuy

Ai-Tram Bui, 2011 VIET Fellow

If there’s one person I won’t ever forget during my time in Vietnam, it’s Thủy. The first day I met her at Từ Dũ Hospital, she welcomed me with open arms. I can never forget her smile, a smile so generous and kind. I remember her asking me quizzical questions about America and about my life; although we had only met for a day, I felt as though I had known her from years ago.


How NGEC Built Our Organization’s Capacity to Achieve Gender Equity

Vincent Pan, Executive Director, Chinese for Affirmative Action When we consider change, our mindset is typically to reflect upon the


Daring To Do What the Spirit Says Do

Barbara Phillips

Moments of the day with the Minnesota NGEC fellowship organization’s kept poking at me. So when Peggy Saika shared that it is racism within philanthropy that led to the creation of AAPIP (Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy), and while AAPIP never intended to be and is not a “funder” it seized the opportunity to create the space for the National Gender & Equity Campaign of which the OFP is a component.

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