What We Do

There has been and continues to be a critical gap in philanthropic resources addressing the unmet needs of AAPI communities. To narrow this gap, AAPIP works to increase greater understanding and engagement between philanthropy and AAPI communities. 

Through the national organization and 11 regional chapters, we build philanthropy within our communities, advocate for a more equitable and inclusive philanthropic sector, and develop programs that are most important to our members.

To accomplish these goals, we use four interlocking strategies:


AAPIP strives to be the go-to resource for the philanthropic sector and AAPI communities on a wide-range of issues.  By providing actionable data, tools and expertise about emerging needs within AAPI communities, we drive to a better understanding within philanthropic organizations of critical funding gaps.


AAPIP brings together individuals who have the desire—and the power—to make a real difference. By connecting AAPIP members with philanthropic partners, policymakers, and community-based nonprofits, we create a powerful network of people dedicated to a more equitable philanthropic sector.


AAPIP serves as a philanthropic collaborator to bridge the philanthropic sector and AAPI communities so philanthropy can achieve a true understanding of what it takes to connect to a specific community. AAPIP advocates for the inclusion of underrepresented communities — ensuring AAPI voices get heard regarding issues and investments that are critical to our communities.


AAPIP supports and nurtures a network of members and partners—providing the knowledge, resources and connections they need to become powerful change agents within the philanthropic sector and within their local communities.