Queer Justice Fund (2009-2015)


AAPIP recognizes that building greater democracy in philanthropy and in our communities requires a gender and equity framework that includes

Civic Engagement Fund for AMEMSA Communities (2006-2014)


Post 9/11, AAPIP raised the visibility and collective power of Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim and South Asian (AMEMSA) communities. AAPIP informed, engaged and leveraged the philanthropic sector through a pooled fund that invested in AMEMSA community infrastructure in the San Francisco Bay Area. CEF ran from 2006-2014.

National Gender & Equity Campaign (2005-2012)


The National Gender & Equity Campaign (NGEC) was incubated by AAPIP from 2005-2012 to leverage, mobilize and activate philanthropic and community resources towards achieving more justice and equity for communities.

VIET Fellows (2010-2012)


Vietnam Involvement and Engagement (VIET) Fellows was incubated by AAPIP from 2010-2012.  It was a multifaceted effort to invest in