National Gender & Equity Campaign (2005-2012)

The National Gender & Equity Campaign (NGEC) was incubated by AAPIP from 2005-2012 to leverage, mobilize and activate philanthropic and community resources towards achieving more justice and equity for communities.

Original Goals

NGEC aspired to create:

  • Strong empowered communities with political influence,
  • Effective accountable movement organizations, and
  • Nationally powerful grassroots leadership

Community Partners

Organizational Fellowship Program

NGEC’s capacity building program in two pilot states, Minnesota and California, the Organizational Fellowship Program provided 12 organizations with three-year core operating support, peer-to-peer learning spaces, and culturally relevant skills-building trainings.  The OFP was designed to strengthen each organization’s social justice capacity and to build upon on their existing assets in their communities in order to advance shared movement building goals.

The BRIDGE Collaborative

Through all its capacity building work over the next few years, AAPIP hopes to launch BRIDGE (Building Responsive Infrastructure to Develop Global Equity). In an effort to be grounded in community and to tap into existing assets of practitioners, advocates, and thought leaders, NGEC partnered with five leading AAPI organizations with a demonstrated commitment to social change. These six organizations—whose partnership with the NGEC varied in their form, competencies, capacities and issue areas—were specifically selected for their deep roots in local communities, their representation of diverse constituencies, and for their commitment to develop the capacity of local AAPI communities to achieve social justice.

The National Gender & Equity Campaign would like to thank and acknowledge the following partners for their support:


  • Completed a national assessment of the capacity building effort of national AAPI groups
  • Engaged Minnesota and California AAPI communities to assess the needs and potential for strengthening the social justice movement infrastructure and inclusion of gender in movement work of the community
  • Created new mental models (e.g. BRIDGE Social Justice Movement Framework) and tools (e.g. BRIDGE Organizational Assessment Tool) to build social justice movement capacity
  • Invested over $9 million dollars in grants and capacity building efforts to increase the social justice capacity of the AAPI community
  • Seeded the creation of the Queer Justice Fund


Watch the Video: Stories of Change

Credit: Lao Assistance Center of MN