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The Unflinching Legacy of Lynching: President’s Reflections

In late January, I visited Montgomery, AL for the first time. On the way to the hotel, I listened as

My Leadership Reflections: President’s Message (January 2023)

In the quiet stillness of night turned into dawn, I quiet the sounds of discord to hear the breathing of

The State of American Muslim Philanthropy: 21 years after 9/11

By Shariq Siddiqui, JD, PhD Dr. Shariq Siddiqui is Assistant Professor of Philanthropic Studies and Director of the Muslim Philanthropy

There Is Power In Solidarity: A Recap of the Gathering

Asian American, Pacific Islander and Native American relatives and relations in the philanthropy field gathered in Seattle, WA, June 26-29,

Webinar Summary: AAPI Innovation and Community Health

Webinar Summary: AAPI Innovation and Community Health  By: Vivian Gee, Sanem Alkan, Jean Lu, Anjana Sundaram On June 14th, AAPIP,

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