Building Asian-Black-Indigenous Solidarity: LUNAR Funder’s Briefing (Webinar Recording)

This event has concluded, you may catch the webinar recording below:

The Lunar Project is a community building and funding vehicle for Asian American solidarity and participation in the movement for Black and Indigenous-led liberation. During these times of escalated violence against both Asian American and Black communities, The Lunar Project organizes Asian Americans with wealth to demonstrate solidarity with Black and Indigenous communities who are most impacted by racist and gendered violence in the US and also those who are most vulnerable within our AANHPI communities (migrants, elders, criminalized and stigmatized workers, poor and working class folks).

The Lunar Project is equal parts a community circle and a fund. Asian Americans with wealth engage in transformational learning, community building, and resource mobilization through a giving circle model and move integrated capital to Black and Indigenous communities as a form of wealth redistribution and reparations, with the aim of building a $20M solidarity fund.

You will hear from funders, giving circle members, and community partners about why they are excited to be part of The Lunar Project and why you should be, too.

If you are committed to moving dollars to BIPOC-led organizing, movement building, and solidarity, and looking to invest in or learn about innovative and strategic interventions, we invite you to join us!

AAPIP is co-hosting this event with Justice Funders and Neighborhood Funder’s Group.