Our Movement

Since 2005, over 2,500 AAPI philanthropists have pooled their money and time to award over $2.7 million to over 500 AAPI nonprofit organizations. AAPIP continues to provide technical assistance, training, leveraging opportunities, and convenings to Giving Circles in order to grow philanthropy within the community, from the grassroots.

AAPIP’s National Giving Circle Network:

  • Promotes individual philanthropy, volunteerism, and civic engagement.
  • Increases investments by individuals and philanthropic institutions to strengthen and empower the AAPI community.
  • Contributes to the field of philanthropy by providing stories of community impact, best practices, data and lessons learned from the network.

By giving back and giving together, this is how we will bring about change for the better, one by one, friend by friend, community by community.  

Do you dream of changing your world?

Are you ready to do just that?

Let the change begin with you. Let the Circle start with you.

6 Steps

Contact us for the Giving Circle Starter Kit and advice on how you can start to make a difference in your community!