Being Asian in Philanthropy

Join AAPIP and Pew Research Center on Wednesday, October 26th at 1:00 pm PDT / 4:00 pm EDT for a two-part webinar and community space! 

The webinar will be an exploration of Pew Research Center’s latest documentary and data essay, Being Asian in America, which shares the experiences and views of Asian Americans across 18 distinct Asian ethnic origin groups. Conducting interviews and focus groups with 264 participants, Pew’s analysis captured the following:

  • Participants’ relationship to pan-ethnic labels such as “Asian” or “Asian American” and identity stemming more from birthplace and evolving throughout their lifetime
  • Participants’ sense of belonging in the United States, the role of their ethnic identity, and their definition of what it means to be “American”
  • Participants’ experiences contributing to the diversity and values of this nation’s diverse story

Following the webinar, attendees will have an opportunity to join a virtual community space hosted by AAPIP to process their own personal reflections relating to the themes explored in Being Asian in America and connect with each other about how their identities are seen, celebrated and included in their philanthropic workplace. Understanding ourselves and our identities is essential for advocating for racial justice in philanthropy. We intend to cultivate a space for reflection and community building.

RSVP is required to attend the event. Please note whether you are connected through AAPIP or Pew Research Center on this RSVP form.

We look forward to having you!