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Chief Executive Officer (Sacramento Region Community Foundation)

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Sacramento Region Community Foundation

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Sacramento, CA

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Vision: Sacramento Region Community Foundation is the trusted steward of charitable assets, a community catalyst for meaningful change and the advocate for shaping vital impact through philanthropy. Our leadership and our work with others produce a thriving community exemplified by opportunities for all to:

• Reside and work in a vibrant economy
• Benefit from a strong nonprofit sector
• Flourish through the strength of our diversity
• Live with a sense of dignity and self-worth

Mission: Sacramento Region Community Foundation transforms our community through focused leadership and advocacy that inspire partnerships and expand giving.

Values: We…

…are strong leaders who move our community forward
…learn from others
…believe in taking measured risks
…share our resources and expertise
…respect all aspects of diversity in individuals and in our community
…encourage actions that fulfill our mission
…are accountable to those who have placed their trust in us
…build and leverage assets that meet our donor’s wishes and better our community
…focus our work to assure clarity and to maximize achievements

Since its founding in 1983, the Sacramento Region Community Foundation (the Foundation) has focused on connecting people who care with causes that matter. As the Sacramento region’s primary provider of philanthropic services, the Foundation brings together caring donors, local nonprofits, business leaders and community members to contribute both financial resources and innovative ideas that affect change.

By managing charitable giving, this organization supports donors in El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento and Yolo counties with achieving their philanthropic goals.

As the Foundation prepares to celebrate its 40th anniversary, the organization manages more than 700
charitable funds for local families, businesses and nonprofits across the Sacramento region. Most of these funds are permanently endowed, and total assets have grown to over $200 million.

Most grants are directed by the Foundation fundholders according to their interests. Annual grants awarded to nonprofit organizations from these charitable funds have grown from $272,900 in 1983 to over $18 million in 2021, and more than $200 million since the Foundation’s inception.

The Foundation provides leadership and advocacy that inspire partnerships and expand giving. As a trusted steward of charitable assets, a community catalyst for meaningful change and the advocate for shaping vital impact through philanthropy, the Foundation works to foster a thriving community exemplified by opportunities for all. To achieve this outcome, the organization has developed and implemented wide-ranging initiatives, programs and activities, a few of which are highlighted below:

Expanding Philanthrophy & Social Economy – Leading to a More Generous Region
This initiative is at the heart of our mission. The pace of change in philanthropy is both rapid and profound – from our region’s dynamic demographics and the rise of the next generation of philanthropists, to the continuing wealth to heirs and the advent of new technologies for giving.

• Big Day of Giving – The Sacramento region’s annual 24-hour fundraising event and year-long capacity-building program continues to redefine philanthropy in the Capital area. In 2022, 718 nonprofit organizations generated a record $13.4 million in a single day. Over nearly a decade, the giving day has raised $78 million for local nonprofits from over 60,000 donors locally, regionally and nationally.

• The Lab –This seven-month leadership and innovation program fosters new ideas, builds nonprofit innovation skills and capacity and strengthens and supports nonprofit leaders and their emerging leaders to achieve meaningful change.

To learn more about all four initiatives, visit

Governed by an 18-member Board of Directors with a a $2.6 million operating budget and over $200 million in assets, the Foundation has a 17-member staff. The Foundation’s offices are in Sacramento, California. For more information, please visit

Strategic Direction
In 2014, the Foundation adopted a comprehensive strategic plan with the objective of thoughtfully and deliberately moving from opportunistic to strategic leadership. This transition involves a continuous, systemic evolution of all aspects of the organization including: a commitment to data-driven grantmaking procedures; the recent development of a DEI Roadmap that will continue to guide the staff and board through the process of embedding DEI values and practices into the structures and practices of the organization; operational improvements aimed at enhancing efficiency and donor satisfaction; revising budgetary procedures to support time and labor intensive programs; diversifying the revenue base to be less dependent on administrative fees; and actively pursuing external grants and contracts to support operations.

In May 2022, work was initiated on a new strategic planning process building on the Foundation’s vision of fostering a community that everyone experiences as thriving, resilient and equitable. It is anticipated the Foundation’s leadership and communitywide impact will be enhanced by advancing the following strategic priorities:

• Innovation and continuous vetting of new opportunities in a time of dramatic and disruptive change to foster timely, significant, systemic impact.
• Enhance donor engagement through inclusive collaboration.
• Anticipate needs of future donors and build trust with future generations of philanthropists.
• Active and effective communication internally and externally to build alignment, brand awareness and impact.
• Grow and diversify assets, including increased unrestricted funding.

The Foundation’s next CEO will be engaged in the later phases of this process, including the determination and definition of strategic initiatives, objectives and tactics.

Job Description

Candidate Profile
As in other communities, Covid-19 has spotlighted the systemic challenges that exist in the Capital region. By increasing philanthropy and connecting the expertise of local nonprofits to addressing wider community outcomes, the Foundation works toward improved community resilience with a focus on dynamic leadership, inclusion and equity. The Foundation seeks a bold leader who is passionate about serving the people of our four-county region and determined to move the organization forward during this period of significant transition.

The Sacramento region is composed of numerous fast growing and diverse communities. This leader will work collaboratively with constituents, stakeholders, community leaders, partners, donors, fundholders, Board and staff in a dynamic operating environment and rapidly changing region to ensure that everyone can prosper and reach their full potential. This individual is an effective and compelling leader who fosters vibrant teamwork, pursues quality, supports equity and engenders mutual respect.

Responsibilities include:

Leadership & Management:

• Leadership. Accelerates progress in achieving the Foundation’s vision, mission, values and goals by influencing and guiding internal and external constituencies. Brings fresh perspectives and new approaches to community leadership and strategic plan implementation. Understands that authentic leaders are approachable, active listeners, who engage with and value the life experience and perspectives of others.

• Management. Coaches and supports a diverse staff inclusive of many different lived experiences, identities and philosophies, while creating an equitable and inclusive work environment. Builds and perpetuates a participatory and inclusive culture. Works to strengthen and grow the human capital of the organization through ongoing staff development.

Convener, Brand Builder & Influencer:

• Relationships. Connects, engages and inspires! Works transparently, comfortably and effectively with diverse constituencies in many different settings. Builds and maintains effective relationships that translate into successful collaborations, impactful initiatives and diverse funding streams.

• Innovation. Synthesizes robust streams of data and information to identify themes, trends and opportunities that may benefit this dynamic region. Bold strategist who is attentive to the rapidly changing external environment and how these changes may impact constituents and stakeholders. Champion for new approaches to enhance the effectiveness of the Foundation’s offerings in service to building thriving communities.

• Communications. Promotes the Foundation to stakeholders, the media, funders and partners. Understands the importance of strategic communications and knows how to tell stories that inspire, while making topics compelling and accessible. Enjoys being the organization’s ambassador and chief spokesperson, providing thought leadership in a variety of forums. Supports deployment of technology and uses digital media to support effective communications with diverse constituencies in a dynamic environment.

Fundraising & Business Development:

• Fundraising. Provides leadership for strategies that increase the Foundation’s fundraising results. Understands the dynamics of effective fundraising systems and works collaboratively with Board and staff members to achieve the organization’s financial goals. Has experience building durable and effective relationships with funders, fundholders and donors and has had success in personally raising funds.

• Business Acumen. Leads creation of strategic, financial and operational plans, ensuring coordination and alignment of all activities, initiatives and programs within the Foundation’s vision, mission and values. Fosters innovation and strategic thinking regarding all facets of the organization. Runs a fiscally sustainable organization and brings mission criteria and financial rigor to opportunity assessment. Enhances infrastructures and systems to support the work of staff and the organization’s operating results. Establishes metrics for performance and measures of success for all facets of the organization’s operations. Assesses organizational capacity to implement strategies, identifies gaps in systems and staffing, and develops plans for correction, contingency and succession; and anticipates factors accelerating or impacting success.

• Advocacy. Crosses disciplines, sectors and systems to help identify unmet needs, engages in communitywide planning and support systems change. Identifies critical constituents who represent varying perspectives engages them in effective, nonpartisan approaches to achieve desired community impact. Actively involved as a community leader building the Foundation’s reputation and visibility.

• Governance. Has experience working with and/or serving on governing boards and understands how to advance the Board’s work as the organization’s strategic governing body. Develops issues for Board review, discussion, input and action. Helps the Board maintain an effective nominating process and ensures a thorough orientation for new Board members. Advocates for and supports the Board’s self-study, evaluation and performance.

• Integrity. Maintains stewardship and accountability for the organization’s overall operational, ethical and fiduciary integrity within the guidelines and policies set by the Board and applicable laws and/or regulations.

Job Qualifications

This position requires a dynamic individual who welcomes the opportunity to collaborate and work with diverse constituencies to build and provide innovative solutions to short- and long-term community issues. Candidates will demonstrate a career path of progressive leadership and management experience in the nonprofit, corporate and/or government sectors. We are seeking a proven leader who has significant experience in growing the capacity and impact of an organization that focuses on complex, systemic issues. The ideal candidate brings creativity, a collaborative style and the ability to build consensus to drive a shared vision for achieving the organization’s strategic priorities through well-defined short- and long-term plans.

This individual knows how to balance being results and relationship-oriented. They will demonstrate success in leading financially accountable and sustainable projects, initiatives and programs. They will also have experience building durable relationships and collaborating with communities, partners, policymakers, donors, stakeholders and constituencies.

An ability and desire to raise private contributions, while expanding and diversifying the Foundation’s donor base is necessary.

This person will be a compelling and credible advocate for the Foundation in the media, one-on-one and in group settings. This individual must have strong verbal and written communication skills that translate into effective communications across a variety of platforms.

The successful candidate must be able to demonstrate the ability to operate effectively within a nonprofit governing environment.

Compensation and Benefits
The salary range for this position annually is between $225,000 and $275,000 and will be commensurable with experience.

The comprehensive benefits package includes health, dental, vision, group life insurance, a 401(k) plan and EAP benefits program. The Foundation observes ten paid holidays each year and offers Paid Time Off as well as Sick Leave.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement
It is the policy of the Foundation to maintain employment practices and personnel actions that conform to both the letter and the spirit of all laws and regulations pertaining to equal opportunity and non- discrimination in employment. The Foundation is an equal opportunity employer and makes all employment decisions on the basis of merit. We want to have the best available persons in every job.

The Foundation prohibits unlawful discrimination based on race (including traits historically associated with race, including hair texture and protective hairstyles), color, creed, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, and related medical conditions), religion, citizenship, marital status, registered domestic partner status, age, national origin or ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition, genetic characteristics, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, veteran or military status, or any other status protected by law. For purposes of this policy, and the Foundation’s Unlawful Harassment, Discrimination, and Retaliation policy, “national origin” also includes physical, cultural or linguistic characteristics (including accent) associated with a national origin group, membership in or association with an organization that promotes the interest of a national origin group, and attending or participating in a school or religious institution generally used by persons of a national origin group. The Foundation also prohibits unlawful discrimination based on the perception that anyone has any of those characteristics or is associated with a person who has or is perceived as having any of those characteristics. All such discrimination is unlawful.

All qualified candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

How to Apply

To apply, please submit a current resume and letter of introduction, as soon as possible, to Kittleman & Associates, LLC by clicking here. 

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