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Director of Human Resources (The Colorado Trust)

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The Colorado Trust

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Denver, CO

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The Colorado Trust is a grantmaking foundation dedicated to ensuring all Coloradans have the opportunity to thrive. When the nonprofit PSL Healthcare Corporation was sold to a for-profit organization in 1985, the proceeds of the sale were used to create The Colorado Trust. Since then, The Colorado Trust has provided funding and resources to people and organizations across Colorado that are working to make positive changes in their communities. We work side by side with Coloradans, including people who have been left out of decision-making and are directly impacted by hardships. The Colorado Trust also provides grants and support to organizations advocating for local and statewide policies that have a positive impact on people’s well-being.

The Colorado Trust strives to maintain a diverse workforce that reflects the communities we serve and aims to build an organizational culture that reflects our commitment to equity. We seek talented, team-oriented individuals, dedicated to our mission of advancing the health and well-being of the people of Colorado. Additionally, as an Equal Opportunity Employer, we welcome a diversity of perspectives and experiences among our staff. Please visit for more information.

Job Description

The Colorado Trust is looking for an experienced and dynamic individual to lead our human resources programs and deliverables. Our human resources leader will understand the importance of culture and cultivating teamwork while modeling leadership. You will create an environment of feedback and thinking on your own. This position will report to the vice president & chief financial officer and will also be responsible for creating the employee learning and development curriculum, as well as managing relevant external resources used for the entire organization. You will serve as a strategic advisor regarding human resources matters, including workforce planning and development, organizational development and design, employee relations and engagement issues, and talent attraction and retention efforts. The director of human resources carries out responsibilities in the following functional areas: benefits administration, hiring and onboarding, assisting with performance review management, policy development and maintenance, and ensuring compliance with human resources laws and regulations.

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