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Program Officer (Archstone Foundation)

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Archstone Foundation

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Long Beach

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Long Beach, CA

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Archstone Foundation is a private non-profit grantmaking organization whose mission is to improve the health and well-being of older Californians and their caregivers. Our vision is that all older Californians have access to high-quality coordinated care that effectively integrates health and social services.

Archstone Foundation’s focus of grantmaking has shifted from specific priority areas such as: Aging in Community, Depression in Late Life, Elder Abuse and Neglect (to name a few) to three broader, coordinated strategies, our Three Ts: Teams, Training, and Technology. We are committed to advancing TEAM care that is person-and family-centered. We believe that the TRAINING is an essential element of effective team care. We know that TECHNOLOGY is critical for timely and coordinated communication. It is through our values, our guiding principles, that inform our work and how we conduct ourselves: Accountability, Compassion, Diversity, Equity , and Inclusion, Innovation, Integrity, Learning, Openness, Responsibility, Partnership and Collaboration.

Job Description

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Reporting to the Vice President of Programs, the Program Officer works collaboratively with other Foundation team members to develop grantmaking strategies and to help lead a portfolio of grants to achieve the Foundation’s mission. The Program Officer is responsible for synergistically developing and critically reviewing proposals, conducting site visits, monitoring grant progress, and representing the Foundation on committees and at public meetings. The Program Officer works with grantees and other community organizations to identify areas for potential funding and partnership within our Teams, Training, Technology (Three T) with JEDI-principles interwoven throughout our strategy areas, provides technical assistance, and produces communication products to build a strong public image of the Foundation.


Planning. Work in partnership with Foundation colleagues to develop and implement strategies to achieve specific short-term and long-term outcomes for program strategy areas. Collaborate with the Program Team to continuously evaluate and refine defined strategies for program areas.

Grant Development. Identify and develop grants aligned with strategy focus areas that lead to achievement of specific outcome goals. Serve as grant lead on a portfolio of grants which includes working with grantees, cooperatively developing proposals, completing pre-grant review and analysis, preparing written grant summaries, and designing evaluation strategies to measure efforts.

Grant Monitoring. Manage portfolio of active grants, including tracking grant milestones, reviewing grant reports for performance against outcomes and authorizing grant payments. Partner with grantees and other stakeholders to identify and resolve challenges in projects to ensure achievement of stated objectives and outcomes.

Reports and Communications. Prepare reports and presentations updating the Vice President of Programs, President and CEO, Board, and external stakeholders on program area performance.

Content Expert. Serve as content expert in grant portfolio area, including organizing and synthesizing supporting data and new findings for the Program Team, Foundation leadership, and external stakeholders. Participate in conferences, seminars, and other professional development activities to maintain and enhance expertise. Make presentations about the Foundation’s work.

Teamwork. Contribute to and participate in Foundation activities through use of a team approach and carry out other responsibilities as determined by Foundation leadership.

Collaboration. Initiate and/or develop projects in cooperation with nonprofit organizations, foundations, government agencies, or collaborations where the project appears to have shared interest with the Foundation’s mission and programmatic priorities. Work with thought leaders to better understand issues and develop partnerships to further the Foundation’s mission.


1. Maintain a working knowledge of the field of aging and giving guidelines;
2. Respond to inquiries regarding grantmaking policies, procedures, and declination decisions;
3. Respond to inquiries by telephone and e-mail, and site visits;
4. Review and critically assess solicited and unsolicited proposals;
5. Compile information specific to grant proposals: review applications, collect background
information, and conduct additional research specific to grant proposals (e.g., Internet,
associations, philanthropy);
6. Works collaboratively with applicants to iteratively develop grant projects that align with the Foundation’s priorities;
7. Prepare and present written proposal summaries with analysis and recommendations to the Board of Directors;
8. Monitor progress of grantees to assist in their success in achieving key objectives;
9. Provide review of progress and evaluation reports in the grants management system (including: no-cost extensions, carry forwards, and budget revisions);
10. Input data accurately into the grants management system and produce reports, as needed;
11. Prepare grant close out evaluations for grants as they reach completion;
12. Maintain personal contact with grantees and relations with other foundations;
13. Serve as primary contact in negotiating and resolving issues for assigned projects;
14. Provide technical assistance to applicants and grantees as needed;
15. Work collaboratively with colleagues on specified projects and tasks;
16. Share information about grantmaking programs via the Foundation’s social media;
17. Foster and develop strategic alliances, partnerships, and/or collaborations with other non-profit, public, or government agencies; and
18. Performs related duties and assignments as required.

Job Qualifications

QUALIFICATIONS: The individual shall be a creative and analytical thinker, innovative and pragmatic with a high degree of receptivity to other fields and new ideas. The individual shall have excellent communication and organizational skills, the ability to work independently, the ability to multitask, and shall be proficient in Microsoft Office applications (i.e., Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams). Knowledge of Salesforce and social media platforms (Twitter and LinkedIn) is highly desirable. The individual shall also possess a strong work ethic and a sincere dedication to the Foundation’s mission, vision, and values.


• A minimum of five years of experience as a practitioner, funder, or policy expert in the field of aging and/or health programs;
• Excellent written and verbal skills;
• Excellent analytical skills and the ability to analyze budgets, financial statements, and balance sheets;
• Exceptional interpersonal and social skills to work collaboratively with co-workers, prospective grantees, Board members, and the general public; ability to work with humility with a variety of community and cultural groups;
• Understanding of private philanthropy’s role in the community and a familiarity with non profit organizations;
• Knowledge of Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, e-mail, and database software; and
• Demonstrated ability to prioritize tasks and work well under pressure and in a fast-paced environment to meet deadlines.


Master’s degree or above in a field relevant to health and aging (e.g., Public Health, Gerontology,
Nursing, Physical/Occupational Therapy, Public Administration, Business, Social Work, etc.) is preferred, with required minimum experience in the field. Additional experience can substitute for an advanced degree.

How to Apply

Please remit a cover letter and resume via e-mail attention to:

Laura Rath, PhD
Vice President of Programs
Archstone Foundation

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