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In First Place…


To celebrate the impact of our growing National Giving Circle Network, our Facebook page featured photos and stories from our 31 Circles for 31 consecutive days. We challenged our Circles to accumulate the most “Shares” of their photo by calling on their friends, family, and community members.

Our Giving Circles met and exceeded our challenge: their photos and inspirational words generated multiple days with over 10,000 distinct looks. Together, we’ve generated thousands of shares and spread diverse and distinct stories of our community. Thank you for looking, commenting, liking, and sharing our 31 Days 31 Circles contest; with 35 Giving Circles in our Network, you continue to support our people-powered Movement.

In addition to inspiring new leaders with their stories of impact, the the top 3 Giving Circles with the most “Shares” on their featured date won prizes.

Please meet our first place winner!

Root 54

Tell us about your giving circle.
Root 54 is a group of friends that met years ago because they all had a common interest in learning more about their roots. But, the glue that binds us together is what most Filipino gatherings consist of: dancing, dining, and drinking and maybe even a little singing. We do all of the above very well!

What it feels like to be a winner! What strategies did you use to win?
We are definitely feeling loved by our friends and family. We would not have won this contest if it weren’t for the support they’ve shown.

As far as strategies, it was mostly all of us doing the leg work in getting all of our own friends to share. We also spaced out what time we would share since a lot of friends overlap.

How will you use your prize?
Root 54 is going to use the prize to throw our first “FUNraising” event in late November.

Are there any announcements you’d like to share from your circle?
Learn more about our giving circle via our Facebook page or our website.

Anyone you’d like to thank in particular?
We’d like to thank all of our friends, co-workers, relatives, and anyone else that helped us win this contest by sharing our picture!