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Purging Anti-Black Racism Toward A Democracy For All: Joint Statement From AAPI CEOs And Trustees In Philanthropy


As AAPI CEOs, Executive Directors, and Trustees in philanthropy, we stand together with our Black colleagues and other allies to commit to the hard but necessary work of peeling back the layers of anti-Black racism within the philanthropic sector and beyond, and in so doing, realize the sector’s potential for transformational impact. We do this through our own experiences as AAPIs confronting racism linked to, rather than distinct from, this country’s disturbing history of white supremacy. This history begins with the brutal clearing of indigenous peoples from these lands to the remnants of slavery deeply embedded into every system, including, but not limited to the police that continue to take Black lives with impunity. For us, anti-Black racism and anti- Native settler-colonialism, alongside orientalism, are the foundations of white supremacy.

We also recognize that Asian and Black communities have often been pitted against each other, resulting in lose-lose scenarios. As AAPIs, we have a responsibility to acknowledge how we are both harmed by the “model minority” narrative and also how we are complicit in it. We also honor the long history of resisting racism alongside communities of color and we are on a continued learning journey of practicing solidarity. We have much work to do within and across our communities. Following the lead of the Association for Black Foundation Executives (ABFE)’s platform on anti-Black racism, we will work in community with our colleagues toward these and other efforts, which may include:

  • Deepening of our own learning about Black history within the U.S. to disentangle the roots of systemic racism, including tracing the history of wealth accumulation and its intersection with philanthropy
  • Facilitating or participating in discussions with AAPI colleagues and community members about how anti-Blackness hurts AAPI and all communities
  • Organizing or participating in jointly inspired programming with Black-led organizations toward dismantling anti-Black racism
  • Leveraging our privilege as AAPI leaders to unapologetically center the lived expertise of Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and AAPI communities to transform philanthropic institutions and practices
  • Never forgetting that issues of race and gender (including gender identity and sexual orientation) are inextricably intertwined and must always be examined together

Moments of deep pain bring about transformative change. In the coming months, we will be working together to honor the powerful legacy of Black, Indigenous, and Latinx people – inclusive of those who identify as LGBTQ- whose struggles define the heart and soul of this country. We are determined to realize a vibrant democracy that values us all. This journey is still a long one, but we are honored to walk this road with you toward fulfilling our shared humanity.

In Unity,

(List in Formation, Affiliation for Identification Purposes Only):

A. Sparks, Executive Director, Masto Foundation

Antony Chiang, CEO, Dogwood Health Trust

Audrey Yamamoto, President & Executive Director, Asian Pacific Fund

Cathy Cha, President, Evelyn and Walter Haas Jr. Fund

Chun-Yen H. Chen, Executive Director, Asian Pacific Community Fund of Southern California

Cynthia Yung, President, The Boone Family Foundation

Daniel J. Lee, Executive Director, Levi Strauss Foundation

Daranee Petsod, President, Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees

David Y.S. Moy, Interim Executive Director, Hyams Foundation

Debbie I. Chang, MPH, President and CEO, Blue Shield of California Foundation

Debra Nakatomi, Trustee, California Wellness Foundation

Dimple Abichandani, Executive Director, General Service Foundation

Don Chen, President, Surdna Foundation

Geri Yang-Johnson, Trustee, California Wellness Foundation

Hanh Le, Executive Director, Weissberg Foundation

Iimay Ho, Executive Director, Resource Generation

Jennifer Ching, Executive Director, North Star Fund

Joe Lumarda, Chair, California Wellness Foundation

Karthick Ramakrishnan, Board Member, The California Endowment

Kathy Ko Chin

Kris Lin-Bonner, Executive Director, Dr. Bronner’s Family Foundation

Kyung B. Yoon, President, Korean American Community Foundation

Lina Park, Executive Director, Korean American Community Foundation of San Francisco

Lori Villarosa, Founder & Executive Director, The Philanthropic Initiative for Racial Equity

Mariko Silver, President & CEO, Henry Luce Foundation

Michele Lew, CEO, The Health Trust

Dr. Milton Chen, Former Chair, Panasonic Foundation

Patricia Eng, President & CEO, Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy

Phyllis M. Wise, Member of Board of Directors,  Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Pia Infante, Co-Executive Director, The Whitman Institute

Priscilla Enriquez, CEO, The James B. McClatchy Foundation

Richard Woo, Board Member, Greater Tacoma Community Foundation

Rini Banerjee, President, Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation

Serena Moy, Executive Director, Blowitz-Ridgeway Foundation

Surina Khan, CEO, Women’s Foundation California

Susie Lee, Executive Director, Potomac Health Foundation

Tanuja M. Dehne, President and CEO, Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation

Taryn Higashi, Executive Director, Unbound Philanthropy

Tessie Guillermo, Board Member, Marguerite Casey Foundation

Vien Truong

Winston F. Wong, MD, MS, Board Member, The California Endowment