Invisible and in Need: Philanthropic Giving to Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (1992)

This influential report from 1992 reveals critical gaps in funding to Asian Pacific American communities in the face of significant needs.  A key finding is that despite their growing numbers and ethnic diversity, APA communities received 0.2% of total foundation giving out of $19 billion given over seven years, from 1983 to 1990. Debunking the “model minority” stereotype of APAs, four key issues are presented that significantly or disproportionately affect Asian Pacific American communities: racially-motivated crimes, health care needs, labor conditions and domestic violence. The report concludes with recommendations for foundation and corporate grantmaking to APA communities, making the case that a range of organizations have developed to respond to the critical issues facing APAs, presenting a wide range of funding opportunities to reach communities with appropriate services and education.