Minneapolis-Saint Paul (Twin Cities) Regional Nonprofit Snapshot

This regional nonprofit snapshot is a follow-up analysis to Seeking to Soar, zooming in to better understand the AAPI nonprofit landscape in regions with AAPIP chapters, starting with Minneapolis-Saint Paul (Twin Cities).

Key Findings:

  • Although the Twin Cities has a robust philanthropic landscape (total grants nearing $1.3 billion), the slice designated to AAPI communities is miniscule, total just $5.3 million. This equates to just 42 cents going to AAPI communities per $100 awarded by institutional philanthropy.
  • The majority of AAPI-specific organizations are small- to mid-sized. Nearly 90% are operating with less than five staff, and more than 80% are operating with budgets smaller than $500k.
  • The funding landscape for AAPI-specific organizations is precarious. More than 75% of AAPI-designated funding comes from ten institutions. Investing long term and at higher levels is critical to building the capacity and sustainability of organizations that are foundational to AAPI communities.

For more detailed data, please download the full report.

AAPIP is especially grateful for leadership, data, and insights provided by the Twin Cities AAPIP Chapter, Kara Caralisle, Mala Thao, and Bo Thao-Urabe, and whose ongoing efforts cannot be fully captured by this report. We also thank the Coalition of Asian American Leaders (CAAL) and the Minnesota Council on Nonprofits (MCN) for providing AAPIP with AAPI resource lists. Thank you for the critical work you do.